How to use data for audience analysis

Senior Content Marketing Manager, Communications Sector, IBM Analytics

The Best versus the Rest: Deriving Value from Audience Analytics is an audio white paper written by Dan Vesset and narrated by Graeme Noseworthy. Vesset is program vice president, business analytics and big data, at IDC, and Noseworthy is with the content marketing team, IBM Analytics, at IBM. The white paper explores the key trends and highlights in media and entertainment that are driving widespread adoption of audience analytics.

From the challenges and opportunities inherent in a media lifecycle full of disparate data types and sources to making strong correlations between data characteristics and business outcomes, Vesset leaves no stone unturned. He explores how audience analysis should be top of mind for media executives throughout the industry. Vesset’s guidance from industry leaders and key points for considering IBM Audience Analytics solutions are supported by solid research and the capabilities of a platform that can deliver the insights needed to improve viewership, increase revenues and reduce customer churn.

Listen to the complete audio presentation or download the white paper.

Audience Analytics IDC White paper

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