How Yellow Pages is creating a larger digital presence with analytics

Marketing Leader, Media & Entertainment Industry, Analytics, IBM

Once an industry with almost unbeatable profitability and a product that hit the doorsteps of every household with an anticipated drumbeat, Yellow Pages, like many others, had to reinvent itself to maintain relevance in the new digital advertising era., we are connected in an online world. As consumers we use the Internet because it’s convenient and quick. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing are just the starting point to locate a wealth of information at your fingertips. Because Internet Yellow Pages live and thrive on traffic, they need to find relevance in the shadow of these powerful search engines. Over the last several years, Yellow Pages (YP) has been working hard to reinvent itself from top to bottom to survive. It needed to offer its customers a suite of digital offerings beyond just listing services. 

Yellow Pages had some great core strengths to leverage—a large customer base of small and medium-sized businesses, and a salesforce with the ability to reach many tens of thousands of customers. However, as part of its transition, the realization hit that its systems were designed to support the production of paper phone books and a salesforce that sold paper-based ads. It just wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate new digital models. 

YP needed to transform its sales performance management system to be able to handle a more dynamic product and service offering, and enable a large salesforce to effectively sell and meet their targets. With IBM Analytics, it can now more easily access information, leverage an interactive experience and create more accurate reporting for managing contracts and revenue.

Check out this short video to hear from Brian Street, Yellow Pages’ executive director of sales, on how the company successfully enabled seven regions and 3,500 sales reps with the new IBM Analytics system.

Clearly, YP’s online efforts are outpacing its old-fashioned directories and they are appropriately focusing on creating a larger digital and mobile presence.