Human analysis: A critical component of the cyber analysis equation

Market Segment Manager, IBM
Today, it seems there are automated analytics solutions for all types of data. These solutions promise to make businesses smarter, prevent crime, and protect nations and organizations. Because data is an untapped resource, once unleashed, it can help us make smarter decisions across all industries. And with the rate at which data is growing, this would be impossible to do without the help of automated, machine-led analytics solutions.

But in the rush to solve the challenges of tapping into data, we must not neglect a critical analytical resource—the human resource. Machines can ingest, process and organize large amounts of data faster than humans. And as we enter the cognitive era, those machines will be able to understand, reason and learn from that data. But human intuition and the ability to think like a human are still irreplaceable when analyzing data created by humans, particularly when trying to detect, counter or mitigate cybercrime and physical crimes.

As analytics solutions help to automate and expedite many aspects of intelligence production, visual link analysis executed by an analyst or investigator is still a critical component. By visualizing the data in a variety of ways, the analyst can spot anomalies and patterns that may go unnoticed by a machine. The analyst can then create hypotheses about those patterns and test those hypotheses by leveraging their analytical solutions.

This is not a new concept to the intelligence or law enforcement community. In fact, for over 25 years, those communities have been using IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook to visualize data and counter and mitigate threats. In our interconnected world, with the increasing rate of cybercrime and cyber breaches, it’s time for commercial and government organizations to follow suit. All organizations should have a Security Operations Center (SOC), and all SOCs should apply an intelligence-led approach to their threats. And this approach requires cyber threat analysis.

Taking the first step to applying cyber threat analysis against cybercrime is now easier than ever. IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook is available online right now to jump-start your intelligence-led approach to security, and help your security team turn the tables on your cyber threats.

Turn the tables on your cyber threats