IBM and Hortonworks: Accelerating data-driven decision making

General Manager, IBM Data and AI, IBM
Chief Executive Officer, Hortonworks

Many of today’s top business performers successfully leverage a discipline – data science. Machine learning is one major way to apply data science and with machine learning, the more data we feed in, the better it performs. However, much of the world’s value data cannot be found on the Internet. It sits behind a firewall.

Today, IBM and Hortonworks made an exciting announcement that brings data science, machine learning and deep learning to all data, no matter where it resides. The partnership between the two companies will be designed to deliver an integrated and open data science and machine learning platform. This platform will combine Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) with IBM's Data Science Experience and Machine Learning offerings and will be designed to provide businesses with the power, elasticity, and speed necessary to help them achieve the most beneficial analytic results.

We will also deliver a modern data warehouse architecture. Big SQL, a powerful SQL engine, will help businesses manage analytic or operational workloads with sophisticated federation capabilities. Big SQL can execute highly complex analytical SQL, combined with multiple data storage options like Hadoop, dashDB, DB2, and others.

With today’s news, IBM is also standardizing on Hortonworks HDP. This is a continuation of a strategy that began two years ago around advancing open standards for Hadoop. That’s when IBM and Hortonworks helped found the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), a Linux Foundation project designed to “simplify and standardize” the open development of Hadoop. Two years later, we believe that IBM Open Platform (IOP) and HDP are so similar, we chose to focus on Hortonworks’ base Hadoop distribution, with IBM focusing on what we believe to be the best data science platform available.

But it’s more important than that. The adoption of HDP is also a clear message of our companies’ commitment to openness and open standards. Hortonworks follows an open governance model while other companies have decided to not join ODPi, having taken a more proprietary approach. Organizations have a clear choice: To work with partners engaged in the vibrant open world of Hadoop and HDP and IBM, or a more proprietary environment, which have traditionally been locking and closed.

In addition, IBM and Hortonworks plan to deliver the agility to manage multiple SQL workloads across a data architecture, while enabling easy, governed self-service data access. This will be designed to provide a flexible platform to help optimize system costs.

We are excited to be working together to help deliver better and faster insights. We believe our combined efforts will help drive innovation in the open source community and provide our clients with the tools they need to unlock value from data both now and into the future.