IBM and Hortonworks collaboration unveil data science for the enterprise

Social Media Strategist, IBM

Companies have access to an unprecedented amount of data. Do they have the tools they need to make sense of these increasingly gigantic data stores?

That’s why IBM and Hortonworks just announced the industry’s best integrated platform for big data. Through our partnership, the two companies are delivering powerful data science for the enterprise. The collaboration offers companies an integrated, open source platform with machine learning. As a result, executives can accelerate business decisions that are driven by data, not guesswork.

So what’s the big deal? The companies are combining Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP®) with IBM Data Science Experience into new integrated solutions. This brings the sophisticated deep learning and machine learning to big data. In addition, IBM and Hortonworks have further optimized IBM Big SQL for HDP, giving you better access to cross-platform databases and Hadoop.

The collaboration deepens the partnership between IBM and Hortonworks. Together we’ve announced solutions help businesses handle data storage at a massive scale. And we worked together to bring a range of applications and solutions to tackle big data processing.

Both IBM and Hortonworks are founding members of the Open Data Platform Initiative (ODPi), a group of industry leaders working collaboratively to standardize open source technologies and increase compatibility among big data platforms.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership at the DataWorks Summit, one of the industry’s best event around big data. And there’s another one around the corner, Fast Track Your Data – Live from Munich. IBM will host big data and analytics experts from around the globe, showcasing client success stories and share demos of emerging big data technologies. We’ll cover all the ways businesses need to manage, govern, analyze and visualize data—across a range of sources and platforms. If you can’t make it to Munich, check out the livestream.

Want to get hands-on with the IBM Data Science Experience? Check out the demo.