IBM and Hortonworks Ease Customers’ Path to Hadoop and AI in the Cloud

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IBM and Hortonworks recently announced IBM Hosted Analytics with Hortonworks (IHAH),marking further progress in the pair’s year-long strategic relationship. In a blog, Rob Thomas, GM of IBM Analytics, noted that this offering integrates the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP), the IBM Data Science Experience (DSX) and Db2 Big SQL into a unified solution.

The companies’ original goals were to expand the data science capabilities and features of Apache Hadoop file systems, including data lake environments while extending the use of HDP among enterprises. Along with providing HDP-based offerings and services for IBM clients, that initial solution is also part of the portfolio offered by Truata, a European analytics trust company launched in March by MasterCard and IBM that assists companies in meeting the requirements of the EU’s recently-implemented GDPR.

Thomas stated that following the past year’s successes the pair developed IHAH, an offering now available via IBM Cloud that integrates HDP with DSX and Big SQL into a single solution designed to store, explore and score big data on Hadoop. IHAH provides customers a fully provisioned, cloud-enabled environment for data management and analytics, simplifying and speeding the setup, provisioning, security and deployment processes for Hadoop-based data analytics.

That’s all fine and good—but what does it have to do with AI? To date, many if not most AI-focused public announcements, discussions and marketing efforts have emphasized hardware-oriented features and capabilities. That makes a certain kind of sense since until relatively recently, AI was simply too complex, costly and time-consuming to be commercially workable or sustainable.

Hardware-related advances, including the system-level integration of CPU and GPU technologies featured in IBM Power Systems AC922 servers and other solutions have finally made AI cost-effective and achievable. But at the same time, unified data preparation, management and governance, robust analytics capabilities and innovative information architecture technologies are essential to the success of AI-related ML and DL processes.

Providing easy access to integrated, optimized cloud-based data platform solutions for advanced analytics projects, including artificial intelligence, is what IBM and Hortonworks’ new IHAH solutions are designed to deliver.

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