IBM big data roundtable: The transformative power of big data

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Big data analytics can help your organization transform itself to meet new challenges and seize new possibilities. As a strategic resource, multistructured data, advanced analytics and cognitive computing make it possible to operate your business at an ever larger scale, respond at an accelerating pace and explore a widening range of opportunities.

On Thursday, April 3, I had the pleasure of moderating a video-streaming web roundtable in which panelists discussed the transformational applications of big data analytics. The panel included big data solution providers and experts, and we discussed everything from big data applications and platforms to trends, drivers, best practices and cultural shifts. Joining me were:

  • Susan Confort, VP, global industry transformation marketing, IBM
  • Brian Hopkins, VP and principal analyst, Forrester Research
  • Erik Grimmelmann, CEO, New York Technology Council
  • Dr. Daniel Kocis, president of Multivariate Algorithms

We discussed the following questions:

  • What were significant trends in big data and analytics in 2013 and how will it all continue to evolve going forward?
  • Do you see a culture shift among users to take advantage of big data and analytics?
  • What C-level position is driving adoption of big data and analytics?
  • What business goals and pain points are driving adoption of big data and analytics?
  • Where do RDBMSs, Hadoop, stream computing, in-memory and NoSQL platforms fit into user strategies?
  • Where does big data and analytics rank in relation to mobile, cloud and other transformative technologies in enterprise IT strategic priorities?
  • What are CIOs' top priorities when it comes to using big data and analytics for business transformation?

During the Q&A period, we had a stimulating back-and-forth on the use of big data in business. Here is the video playback of the roundtable for you to peruse at your leisure.