IBM Cloud Data Services officially Open for Data with launch of new portfolio of tools for the next generation information handler

General Manager, IBM Analytics Platform and Cloud Data Services, IBM

Data has rapidly become the most valuable currency in today’s enterprise. Data is the common thread that binds every function—from the CIO to the road warrior—enabling them to achieve more in a day than would have been possible in a week, just a few years ago.

In short, we’re all in the data business. But with these new opportunities come a new set of challenges; namely, how do we harness this new natural resource (data) in a way that makes our lives easier, more efficient and more productive? How do we find the signal—the data insight—that will give our business the edge it needs?

Today, IBM Cloud Data Services is announcing that we’re officially open for data. Consider us the store that never closes—up and running 24/7, enabling you to do more with your data, with fewer resources (#sleepMore). Our new range of cloud-based tools is designed squarely to address not only the challenges of the modern enterprise, but also the new breed of data handlers driving the enterprise forward. These offerings build on IBM’s significant investment in open-source technologies such as Apache Spark, and further our commitment to bringing the benefits of open-source architecture to enterprises worldwide.

  • IBM Graph takes advantage of the open-source Apache TinkerPop to provide a robust graph-computing framework built on top of the industry-leading Gremlin graph-specific query language. By treating data in its natural state rather than breaking it into formal structures, IBM Graph will enable users to uncover previously hidden patterns in large data sets. For example, with IBM Graph, an e-retailer will be able to leverage the connections between data in real time to offer compelling—and even unlikely—purchase pairings to their customers. 
  • IBM Compose Enterprise will introduce a new way for the enterprise to access open-source databases. Provided as a Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering, IBM Compose Enterprise will create a single point of access to seven open-source databases including MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and RethinkDB. The service will come with 24/7 support and DBA-level automated features for developers and IT teams across nearly any cloud platform—on premise, hybrid or hosted.
  • IBM Analytics Exchange is a self-service marketplace for high quality, open and proprietary datasets on IBM Bluemix. The exchange will provide data scientists, developers and other data consumers a range of fully cleaned, ready-to-use public datasets including government, economic and environmental data. The information will be immediately integrable into applications.
  • IBM Predictive Analytics is a new machine learning service that enables developers and data scientists to work together to build intelligent web and mobile applications, backed by the power of IBM’s SPSS platform.

In addition to this new portfolio of tools comes a range of new bundled datasets made possible by our recent acquisition of The Weather Company’s product and technology businesses. The unique and proprietary data will be customized for specific industries, enabling customers to glean true business insight from decades of data that our two organizations have amassed. For example, these data packages can help insurers alert policyholders ahead of hail storms, help utility companies forecast demand and help identify likely service outages, or empower retailers to optimize operations ahead of weather changes. 

These new tools and services have all been developed with one goal in mind: to help you get more out of your data, no matter where it comes from or how you access it. As we move into even more data-rich environments, from the Internet of Things to the connected enterprise, data will no longer neatly fit into traditional buckets—the tools we use to interact with them cannot either.

We look forward to introducing you to our new portfolio and seeing the future you make with it.

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