IBM Cloud Pak for Data partners with tech innovators

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The IBM Cloud Pak for Data ecosystem of technology partners is growing. As an open, Kubernetes-based, data and AI platform, our platform integrates with an array of tech solutions that enhance what we do to help companies make their data AI-ready. From stepping up data security to empowering developers to iterate faster, our joint solutions lay the data foundation to infuse AI across the organization. 

We’re happy to team up with some of the most innovative companies in the industry:


MongoDB partners with Cloud Pak for Data to break down technical and organizational barriers along the data maturity curve. According to David Koppe, director of information strategy, “this partnership really allows MongoDB customers to very rapidly and easily integrate data science, AI and machine learning capabilities on top of their core application capabilities. That’s incredibly powerful in today's world, where that additional insight can really be game-changing.”

Cockroach Labs 

With a database named after “the most resilient species on earth,” Cockroach teams up with Cloud Pak for Data to solve multicloud and data compliance challenges. Eric Goldstein, VP of business development, said: “Cloud Pak for Data services are around analytic processing. Cockroach Database is a transactional processing platform. It’s a perfect fit together. Now I have a lot of this analytic processing, and if I can actually introduce transaction processing, I'm getting real-time information.”


With the Datameer and Cloud Pak for Data partnership, businesses can manage the entire data lifecycle and build a pipeline to AI and machine learning. “You have to get data all the places you can, make it as complete as you can, and make it as clean as you can. That’s what we do. To bring all of that together downstream in Cloud Pak for data is a win-win for everybody,” said Bob Page, Chief Product Officer.

Figure Eight

Figure Eight partners with Cloud Pak for Data to help highly regulated industries drive secure volumes of data at scale. “With this joint solution, we can address any level of security around customer data, and we provide the ability to have annotators be behind a fire wall ensure that this data that's inside stays inside,” said Sid Mistry, VP of marketing.


Lightbend’s partnership with Cloud Pak for Data empowers developers to speed AI model authoring and delivery. “Having Cloud Pak for Data as a central source for key features like data governance, federation, and AI modeling…makes a very complete solution,” said Karl Wehden, VP of product strategy.

Cloud Pak for Data tech partners provide value-adds that help organizations accelerate their journey to AI. To learn more, visit our tech partner page.