IBM Data Magazine: Its Value and Its Vision

A new course is set for an online publication with a rich tradition of serving the data management community

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Recently, I was offered the position of editor in chief of IBM Data magazine, in addition to my ongoing roles as big data evangelist and senior program director for product marketing in big data analytics at IBM. As a longtime reader and contributor to IBM Data magazine, this offer was one I didn’t want to refuse. I’ve always found the “mag” to be an exceptionally useful professional resource. IBM Data magazine started in 1996 as a print publication. After going through several name changes and a publisher switch, the magazine eventually transitioned to an all-online publication in 2012, but without sacrificing its core mission: providing a thought-leadership forum for data management, analytics, and transactional computing professionals. If anything, the shift to digital delivery improved the magazine’s ability to bring highly useful content to the attentions of business technology professionals everywhere more frequently than was possible with the quarterly print edition. As editor in chief, my intent is to deepen the frontier-pushing, thought-leadership content without skimping on any of the established database management topics we’ve always covered. Our contributors are subject-matter experts (SMEs) from within IBM; from throughout the IBM partner ecosystem; and from the vast, worldwide community of analysts, bloggers, and other influencers. Readers turn to us for authoritative, in-depth discussions about best practices that push the envelope of their thinking on visions, trends, applications, use cases, and practices in diverse data-centric disciplines. Some of the innovative new focus areas featured in the magazine include big data, data science, in-memory computing, and cognitive computing. Bear in mind that the magazine is not a stand-alone forum. Rather, it’s one of several IBM forums—including IBM BLU Hub, IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub, and IBM developerWorks—that inform, inspire, and educate data professionals everywhere. My vision for IBM Data magazine is to align our coverage areas with other corresponding IBM forums while making the magazine more intellectually, socially, and visually engaging than ever. We invite you to engage in several ways:

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