The IBM Fellows program introduces a new member

"It’s the single biggest thing that ever happened to me. It really caught me off guard. " Mike Haydock on learning he's become a new IBM Fellow

Mike Haydock, one of the top data scientists in the world and a leading voice in the big data and analytics discussion has just been named an IBM Fellow along with 10 other IBMers. The criteria for appointment in the IBM Fellows program are stringent and take into account only the most significant technical achievements. In addition to a history of extraordinary accomplishments, candidates must also be considered to have the potential to make continued contributions.


Mike specializes in helping clients figure out how they can best apply analytics to customer relationships data to optimize the service they provide which in turn drives better results. How does he do this? "I become the client."; a lesson he learned from George C. Scott—yes, that George C. Scott. In fact, right now he's gulping down coffee with a food and beverage retailer to quantify the correlation between coffee-buying behavior and weather patterns so that the client can better target their social media advertising to maximize business rain or shine.

We at the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub want to congratulate Mike on this achievement! You can read more about Mike and how parking cars, rock & roll and tap dancing influenced his career aspirations.

Please congratulate Mike and connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Learn more about the IBM Fellows program, founded in 1962 by Thomas J. Watson, Jr., as a way to promote creativity among the company's "most exceptional" technical professionals.