IBM + Hadoop = Recipe for success

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

What a shame. Most businesses aren’t taking advantage of their data, leaving them hungry for success. According to Forrester Research analyst, Michele Goetz, only 12 percent of available data is used. If I am any good at math, that means there is a lot of data that is not being used. 

Datagram_v31_101314_0.jpgYou may be thinking, so much data is unstructured so it is more difficult to really get your hands on. When we look at utilization rates of structured data, the rates are only slightly higher at 32 percent and unstructured data is in the single digits (8 percent). This means data that could identify the next best thing to sell a customer, stop fraud before it happens or improve operations at a manufacturing plant is not being leveraged. 

Big data isn’t always about finding new data or from external sources such as social media. It is about effectively using what is already available in your own systems—the 86 percent of data is that is currently unused. And that is where Hadoop swoops in as the hero.

With the ability to store and process huge sets of structured and unstructured data, Hadoop is quickly becoming a staple in organizations large and small. But, are enterprises equipped to incorporate Hadoop into their information supply chains? And maybe even more importantly, is Hadoop equipped to handle the demands of the enterprise.

Here are just a few of the key capabilities that organizations large and small should consider when selecting and implementing a Hadoop distribution:

  • Commitment to open source to ensure compatibility and continuous adherence to standards
  • Enterprise capabilities including security, performance and scalability
  • In-Hadoop analytics that enable insight from structured and unstructured data without incurring cost and risk of moving data
  • Integration with new and existing applications

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights for Hadoop offers a recipe for organizations to succeed with Hadoop.  Built on 100 percent Apache Hadoop, InfoSphere BigInsights blends open source reliability with enterprise grade features.

InfoSphere BigInsights for Hadoop features

  • In-Hadoop analytics including Big R, text analytics and machine learning
  • Usability offers robust SQL-on-Hadoop (Big SQL), spreadsheet like visualization of big data (BigSheets) and management console.
  • Enterprise capabilities include world class MapReduce performance, deep integration across existing data infrastructure and end-to-end governance

Want to see for yourself? Take part in the Big Data for Social Good challenge where you can leverage existing dataset to develop meaningful solutions to today’s problems. After creating the next application to solve city traffic or public health issues, you’ll be ready to tackle all that unused data across your organization and drive real business results.

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