IBM Insight 2015, day 2: Highlights from sessions and the Hack the Weather finals

Big Data Evangelist, IBM

Day two of the IBM Insight conference usually deepens attendees’ understanding of what they learned the day before, and the second day of Insight 2015 was no exception. Though no fresh news broke on day two of the conference, the keynotes and super sessions dove deep into how the preceding day’s news fit into IBM’s expanding solution portfolio and evolving roadmap.

Insight attendees had many learning opportunities on day two of the conference. Keep reading for a quick look at the second day’s sessions, as well as at a session I forgot to mention in my day one recap:

  • The “Data Management” session emphasized the pivotal importance of hybrid architectures in data management architecture, highlighting Fluid Query, PureData System for Analytics, dashDB, Cloudant, DB2, BigInsights and cloud data services.
  • The “Hadoop, Spark, and Streams” session described how IBM is using Hadoop, Spark and Streams to lay an open, hybrid foundation for the IBM Analytics Platform. The session gave particular attention to BigInsights on ODPi, IBM Analytics for Apache Spark, Streaming Analytics on Bluemix, Streams v4.1 and the Data Science Workbench, and it also highlighted a newly launched series of data scientist community events—Datapalooza, set to kick off November 10–12 in San Francisco.
  • The “z Systems” session described the use of z Systems as a single consolidated platform to continuously drive real-time insights from both operational and historical data, even in cases of extreme transaction volume. It focused on new releases of DB2 z/OS and IMS; IDAA V5.1, including transformation and modeling features; Apache Spark on z Systems; and real-time Predictive Model Markup Language execution made possible with the help of IBM partner Zementis.
  • The “Content Management” session dealt with the collection of content within a single environment and the subsequent application of a wide variety of IBM analytics to it in hopes of achieving ideal outcomes. It highlighted hybrid cloud solutions that combine the enterprise content capabilities of IBM with the momentum of Box, describing the Box–IBM partnership’s contribution to the future of enterprise content management and the Kaltura–IBM partnership’s use of video analytics, as well as how StoredIQ for Legal supplies the electronic discovery industry with a powerful new tool.
  • The “Cloud Data Services” session explained how IBM integrates data and analytics as a service across the cloud and on premises, with a particular focus on Bluemix, Cloudant, dashDB, BigInsights, DataWorks, IBM Analytics for Apache Spark, and Fluid Query.
  • The “Information Integration and Governance” session encouraged attendees to discover, enrich, integrate, locate and manage diverse data from different data sources throughout the data lifecycle by using a hybrid, open architecture and discussed InfoSphere Information Server 11.5, Master Data Management 11.5, DataWorks and StoredIQ.

You might be surprised to hear that I was unable to attend any of these sessions myself, but I have a good excuse—I spoke in three breakout sessions instead. In my defense, let me offer a picture of myself presenting in the session “Cognitive Computing in the Mobile Application Economy,” which took place on the EXPO floor rather than in a breakout room.

If you couldn’t attend the general session that started the day, visit IBMGO to catch up on sessions you’ve missed. You’ll certainly want to catch the general session, which featured a cheerful Jake Porway as the master of ceremonies and discussed the role of data analytics in aerospace, in sports and in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

I missed some of the afternoon keynotes while covering the Hack the Weather finals, which were the culmination of a hackathon that saw data scientists aiming for the sky. Two finalists, chosen from five initial entrants, faced off in the Hack the Weather finals for a grand prize that was ultimately awarded to Team WeatherWay, pictured below. Stay tuned to the IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub for a post in which I’ll discuss the hackathon in the context of the entire IBM Insight Cloud Services initiative.

The Hack the Weather finals were only a taste of what day two of Insight had to offer. Don’t miss my podcast, in which I and industry influencers discussed citizen data scientists—look out for it on the Big Data & Analytics Hub as well. Our discussion featured (from left to right) Bob E. Hayes, Matt Ridings, Andrew C. Oliver, Mike Tamir and Lillian Pierson.

More scheduling conflicts kept me out of a live Periscope session of technical marketing interviews with industry influencers and futurists. If you missed it as well, listen to the recording on Periscope. Here’s a shot of session, which took place in the Social VIP Lounge.

Stay tuned to the Big Data & Analytics Hub for a recap of day three happenings at Insight 2015, as well as a summary of the Insight Cloud Services events that took place at Insight as well as those that took place in the months leading up to the conference. While you wait, check out these on-ramps for featured IBM solutions:

Remember, too, that Insight is just the beginning. Mark your calendar for Datapalooza, scheduled for 10–12 November in San Francisco, where you’ll be able to connect directly with data scientists who are exploring the use of Spark, machine learning and cognitive computing.