IBM Insight 2015: The perfect climate for collaboration

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

Have you ever walked into your local supermarket on a rainy day and noticed a prominently displayed bucket of umbrellas, right at checkout? This kind of strategic merchandising doesn’t require sophisticated analytics. Anyone can see it is raining, and people will need umbrellas. But there are many examples in which predicting the weather can have a huge effect on business outcomes. Today, weather data is influencing and shaping business decisions in many complex ways and in more industries than ever. For that reason, the recent partnership between The Weather Company and IBM may not be surprising, considering how data drives so much of what both companies do. 

At IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada, attendees can hear firsthand how organizations are making a difference by incorporating weather data into their analytics. Dozens of IBM clients are already embracing the possibilities of weather data, and IBM is making the use of weather data a reality in two ways. It is helping The Weather Company collect more data for decision making, and it’s advancing enhanced understanding of the atmosphere and then sharing that understanding with clients to inform their decision making. In addition, because IBM is a global company, it is able to help The Weather Company bring weather insights to businesses in places around the globe that don’t yet have sophisticated systems for predicting weather. As a result, many locations are enjoying deep and precise weather forecasts for the first time. Weather Company–IBM partnership is about people being able to collect more data from more sources than ever before such as mobile devices and the devices that compose the Internet of Things. It also is about providing the capability to turn that data into insight that can help inform decisions. From airline pilots trying to reduce the impact of weather on passengers to emergency management personnel working to avert the effects of weather catastrophes, many people are making decisions daily that can be enhanced with weather data. 

At Insight 2015, David Kenny, CEO at The Weather Company, will be on hand to share some of the stories he’s collected and about the many opportunities yet to be explored. If you’d like to learn about insurers using weather data insights to provide alerts and reduce weather-related claims, or retailers using weather to better manage inventory and customer expectations, register today to attend IBM Insight 2015. And learn more about the power of Apache Spark technology for unlocking insights in weather data.