IBM Netezza Analytics - The 30 Second Explanation

Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM

For many, IBM Netezza Analytics is a bit of a mystery.  Is it a product?  Is it a component? How do I get it?  What can it do for me?  What does it cost?

The good news: IBM Netezza Analytics comes pre-loaded on every single IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance and doesn’t require additional investment.  While pre-loaded in every system, it must be installed.  The highly advanced analytics capability helps our customers increase their analytic maturity.  For those who can leverage its capability, it’s a game-changer.

As we know, analytics is becoming increasingly pervasive in every organization and industry.  The challenge however, is being able to build analytics and deploy them at scale.  The time from the conception of analytic models to their deployment into a production environment can be so great that  by the time you get your answers, their relevance has plummeted. How do you speed the ability to build analytic models and deploy them against data in a timeframe that ensures the answer’s value?  This is the question that IBM Netezza Analytics was designed to answer. 

From business intelligence to advanced analytics, IBM Netezza Analytics puts a powerful range of analytic capabilities into your hands in an “on-demand time-frame” and in a simple to deploy, operate and maintain appliance environment. IBM Netezza Analytics comes complete with a library of pre-built analytics agorithms, including data preparation, data mining, spatial, and predictive and can push your computation into the database, speeding answers and eliminating data transfer bottlenecks.  Leveraging the power, speed and simplicity of the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, IBM Netezza Analytics can speed the conception and deployment of advanced analytics in a timeframe that ensures their value to your organization.