IBM Planning Analytics -- now on premises

Senior Marketing Writer, IBM

For many organizations that like to keep their software close to home, enhancing budgeting, forecasting and planning solutions can be a simple matter of making them available in an on-premises version. IBM Planning Analytics offers powerful planning capabilities to cloud-based platforms, and it can now be deployed on premises or in mixed environments.

Multidimensional technology with a new spin

IBM Planning Analytics provides a comprehensive planning and analytics solution that is built on a powerful, in-memory, online analytical processing (OLAP) engine on the IBM Cognos TM1 enterprise planning platform. The planning tool is in use by many organizations worldwide. Its multidimensional technology enables you to create complex models with ease and perform profitability analyses to identify your most profitable customers, products and sales channels.

In addition, because many finance professionals are conversant in leading spreadsheet applications, IBM Planning Analytics enables you to capitalize on full spreadsheet functionality where needed. You can even leverage the power of spreadsheet layouts and formatting with excellent Wide Area Network (WAN) performance. In addition to the on-premises deployment option, the latest release of IBM Planning Analytics includes these advanced features: 

  • Enhancements to its interactive, self-service analytics workspace, where you can create custom dashboards and compelling visualizations
  • An advanced hierarchy capability that enables modeling attributes of hierarchies to allow highly granular analysis and easy maintenance and administration of planning models  

IBM Planning Analytics also brings the statistical analysis and predictive capabilities of IBM Watson Analytics to your planning process; you can uncover predictive insights automatically from internal and external data. While the first planning and analysis tools simply automated manual processes, IBM Planning Analytics takes you further and helps you drive the business forward with agile planning and exploratory analytics. Now that it’s available for cloud platforms, on-premises or mixed deployment environments, you have several options on which to give it a try.

Hands-on financial performance

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