IBM Recognized as Hortonworks Partner of the Year

A testament to open-source for enterprises

WW Open Source Sales and Strategy Leader, IBM

When I heard the news that IBM had won Hortonworks’ Global Partner of the Year award, I was ecstatic.

Working with Hortonworks over the past year has been an inspiring experience, and one that I know is constantly driving towards greater value for those looking to get the most out of Hadoop. That’s because IBM and Hortonworks are both committed to creating solutions that are built on an open foundation and capable of supporting even the largest enterprises. The results speak for themselves in the feedback we receive from our clients.

Why embrace open source?

There’s a lot to love about open source technology. Open source promises continuous innovation and community support based on the idea that a community of people can iterate on and improve something better than a single person, team or even company,. By placing open source technology at the foundation of a solution, a company can guard against vendor lock-in and be better prepared to take advantage of the knowledge and skills that exist both inside and outside of the organization.

IBM has been a longtime proponent of and contributor to open source technologies from Linux to Spark to Hadoop. Together Hortonworks and IBM are in contention to be the number-one contributor for Hadoop. Hortonworks and IBM actively participate in industry conversations about open source through membership in organizations such as ODPi, which focuses on promoting Hadoop adoption.

Is open source ready for the enterprise?

IBM and Hortonworks recognize that while open source technology is a great foundation, that’s only part of the equation. Enterprises need comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. Hortonworks Data Platform achieves this through a centralized architecture supported by YARN, which optimizes data ingestion. They’ve also included built-in security features to help avoid serious data breaches.

Combining these features with IBM Db2 Big SQL enhances the solution’s enterprise readiness. As a hybrid SQL engine for Hadoop, it lets you connect disparate data sources with a single database connection or query. It’s compatibility with a number of SQL dialects such as those from Oracle, IBM Db2 and IBM Netezza enables organizations to use your data in the most convenient way. All of this is done with the enterprise-level security familiar to IBM customers.

Using Hortonworks and IBM solutions together provides a highly secure, well-governed solution with tools designed to help with advanced analytics and a focus on connecting your IT environment to enterprise-grade Hadoop with minimal expense and effort.

The IBM and Hortonworks partnership in action

Analysts are already praising the value of Hortonworks and IBM’s solution – with Cabot Partners indicating a 72 percent better ROI for large organizations when compared to Cloudera. More importantly, clients have begun sharing success stories about what’s possible with the combined solution. Read Cabot's full report here.

For example, a large gaming company was able to gain better insight into the behavior of their players by leveraging Hortonworks and IBM solutions. This meant that it could fine tune games even better to provide customers with the experiences they wanted most. As a result, the company’s business intelligence engineering manager says the company is “increasing customer engagement and loyalty, and attracting new users.”

Want to experience the benefits of the IBM and Hadoop partnership for yourself? Make sure to spend some time exploring our free IBM Db2 Big SQL sandbox. I’m looking forward to what the next year of this partnership holds and hope you’ll join us along the way.

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