The IBM Watson IoT Platform has an enhanced integration with Jasper, IFTTT, Node-RED and Raspberry Pi

Vice President, Watson Internet of Things Platform, IBM

Some IoT platforms target consumers; others support specific hardware, software or communications solutions. But no single IoT platform provides everything required to cover all use cases. However, the IBM Watson IoT Platform combines essential IoT services with IBM Watson cognitive computing capabilities and offers an open way to integrate devices, gateways, external sources of data and other Internet of Things platforms.

IBM takes an unbiased approach to Internet of Things through an open architecture that is designed to integrate cognitive capabilities with other IoT service providers. IBM encourages developers and engineers to create IoT solutions with innovations to deliver novel solutions for the Cognitive Era.

Three recent, important technology integrations demonstrate the openness of the IBM Watson IoT Platform and how it is now possible to leverage broad IoT ecosystems to deliver new value.

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Integrating IBM Internet of Things Foundation with the Jasper Control Center platform

In October 2015, IBM shared that it was working with Jasper Technologies, provider of Control Center, its industry-leading IoT Platform which has helped companies launch, manage and monetize their IoT services around the world. The Jasper Control Center platform is now integrated into the IBM IoT Foundation dashboard, enabling users to view, control and manage thousands of devices from the deployment phase through their IoT service lifecycle. The combination of the Jasper Control Center platform and IBM IoT Foundation is designed to provide enterprises worldwide with advantages such as:

  • End-to-End IoT deployment: Manage Internet of Things application development, connectivity and service lifecycle from a single dashboard.
  • Analytics and automation: Leverage Watson’s powerful analytics and cognitive services on your data from the Jasper Control Center platform and optimize your solution by extending Jasper’s automation with additional automation and logic from the IBM IoT Foundation services.
  • Central visibility and global scale: Monitor a global view of your Internet of Things deployments, and drill down to the details to view device, application and service data from the Jasper Control Center platform, —all from the IBM IoT Foundation dashboard.

Integrating IBM IoT Real-Time Insights with IFTTT and Node-RED

The IBM IoT Real-Time Insights (RTI) team recently added a new action that enables integration with IFTTT, one of the early IoT platforms to capture the imagination of consumers. IFTTT is a web-based service that allows users to automate the Internet of Things. It does so through recipes that power actions across hundreds of connected consumer devices and a plethora of popular web applications such as Box, Google Docs, Slack, Twitter and even

This is a significant step in expanding what is possible with the IBM IoT Foundation platform. By integrating with hundreds of web applications available through IFTTT, IBM brings powerful consumer engagement to its enterprise customers directly from its IoT platform. As IFTTT continues to expand and connect the latest and highly popular consumer apps and products, the reach of the IoT Foundation also grows.

In the same announcement, integration of RTI with Node-RED has been extended to combine logic with the right actions in real time.

Node-RED is an open source tool for visually weaving together data flows from devices, external services and application programming interfaces (APIs) to program IoT logic and trigger alerts and actions in other systems. This tool is already widely used in the IoT Foundation, and by integrating it into RTI, IBM is making it easier to act on real-time data in nearly limitless ways.

Node-RED is now part of the base install image for the Raspberry Pi

Many entrepreneurs first start tinkering with IoT ideas on a Raspberry Pi, a small computer that promotes basic computer science learning. And now Node-RED will be a part of the Raspberry Pi toolkit to make it easy for developers to program IoT logic into their products in a visual way. As of the November 2015 version of Raspbian Jessie, Node-RED comes preinstalled on the base install image with an ever-growing collection of nodes available for various Raspberry Pi accessories.

Learning more about open ecosystems and cognitive capabilities

The cognitive Internet of Things represents a truly transformative opportunity that combines the power of cognitive computing with a wealth of IoT data from operations and a vast ecosystem of service providers. The IBM Watson IoT Platform makes business transformation a reality beyond what many people think is possible. Be sure to explore these capabilities and learn more about IBM’s recent announcements