IBV 2013 Analytics Study

Managing Partner, IMECS, LLC

This week, IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV) released its 2013 Study entitled “Analytics: A blueprint for value.”Stylized as an Executive Report, it is really a manifesto on the challenges that face every analytics-driven organization in their quest for success (and tangible value). The Study represents interviews with 900 clients (business and IT leaders) conducted earlier this year. It provides us with a window into the complexities and challenges that most organizations have faced and surmounted in achieving analytics success across their enterprise. Thefindings cluster around Nine Levers that influence/control the value returned from analytics investments made by these organizations to date. These levers are organized into three basic categories: Enablement, Drive (Focus) and Amplifiers. These categories are a good logical means of grouping to see where synergies might lie. 

My focus is on several of the nine levers that are inter-related in my opinion, forming a major inflection point that must be addressed in order to achieve analytics success on a pervasive level. 

  • Sponsorship – The direct support and participation by the entire senior leadership team in the analytics mission.
  • Culture – The broad adoption by the organizationof the use of information &analytics for all decision-making.
  • Trust – The confidence that the organization has in its information, its analytics practitioners and the analytics-based decisions that it makes.
  • Expertise – The competencies and skills required by everyone for analytics to be pervasive across the enterprise. Not limited to analytics professionals or data scientists, but everyone in a decision-making capacity.

In my analysis of these findings, along with some rich discussions with the authors, it is clear to me that the “soft side” of the organizational dynamic is the major obstacle (or catalyst) to pervasive analytics value being delivered to the enterprise. The other levers of Source of Value, Measurement, Platform, Data and Funding are just as critical, but speak to other domains that co-exist with the organizational dynamic in supporting analytics value creation (and realization).

Those who have followed my earlier postings to the Big Data& Analytics Hub know that organizational dynamics is an area of special interest to me.It has been a key enabler (or disabler) of analytics success in many organizations that I have worked with, and I for one am very pleased that it came out as such a critical success factor for the companies surveyed and analyzed in this Study. It validates my ancedotal findings with empirical truths.In my subsequent postings on the “Analytics: A blueprint for value” Study, I will dig deeper into these particular levers as well as explore their relationship with the others in creating a virtuous environment for analytics success.