IDUG Delivers DB2 Version 10 Education

How a year changes the delivery methods of DB2 Version 10 education

In my first article as IDUG President, I wrote about DB2 10 for z/OS. It is one of the strange quirks in life that my last article as IDUG President is about IBM® DB2® 10 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (LUW) data management. During the Galileo early access program, IDUG was working with IBM to ensure that we can deliver some great education on DB2 10 for LUW. The team working on this has managed to deliver some fantastic opportunities in, initially, three forms.

First, at the IDUG DB2 Technical Conference in Denver in May, there will be a whole thread dedicated to DB2 for LUW. However, it is very important to note that we have listened to the findings from last year’s membership survey that indicated that most people are not at the leading edge. So this is an additional track over and above the standard offering. If you are not yet looking toward V10, then there is still plenty of education for you. Of course, it doesn’t stop you from taking a peek at one or two sessions either.

Second, there are a number of extremely useful articles on the IDUG website about DB2 10 for LUW. These were launched on the announcement day, which demonstrates how well we are now working with IBM to ensure that we can deliver information quickly to our members. The challenge we now set for ourselves is to repeat this for all the information that our members want.

Finally, there is a new channel for distributing DB2 content that we have worked on in collaboration with IBM: This website allows IDUG to deliver some fantastic content far more easily than we have in the past via webcasts. I am really excited by the possibilities we now have to deliver a far greater range, depth and volume of content to our members than was previously possible at a conference. The IDUG DB2 Technical Conferences will remain our flagship events and will continue to deliver excellent technical education and amazing networking opportunities. However, this new online channel will allow us to branch into newer, or niche, areas far more easily and to have more specific sessions on a wider range of existing topics.

In my last article, I wrote: "From an IDUG perspective, we must and will continue to build on our strengths and deliver the vital DB2 information our community requires. But as the new year advances, we will also make material available for newer, lesser-used, or non-core technologies. After all, we need to address the evolving needs of the community."

It can be extremely challenging to find space at a conference for something only one percent of people use. But that is not an issue on this channel. Of course, the launch of this site does not mean we will stop delivering the core education database administrators (DBAs) need—far from it. The site allows us to do more all around. After all, availability, reliability, and performance are still the key concerns of the DBA.

There are already a number of recorded presentations on the site, and more live webcasts are in the works. Please do visit the website and check for further presentations in the future as we deliver more new content.

I am very excited for this year and for IDUG—and, assuming the vote for the new IDUG Board is positive, I wish Joe Borges every success in his year as IDUG President.

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