Imagine What You Could Do

Free your mind, and your business will follow

What was once only imaginable is now possible. Big data helps a computer play and win at Jeopardy! against the best players in the world. Systems are smarter, bigger, and faster than ever. Our systems and data have gone from gigabytes and terabytes to petabytes and yottabytes. New data collection and analysis concepts applied to traffic patterns, DNA sequencing, cancer research, and even winning a game of Jeopardy! show how insights can be developed using big data.

What does this mean to you and your business? Everything. These large-scale examples aren’t just fringe research and development (R&D) experiments. Data retention and mining projects are now possible and available at scales that are more than just mind-boggling; they’re game-changing.

Imagine identifying habits, buying trends, and government upheavals before they happen. In-depth analysis of petabytes of data is now easily achieved with all of the DB2 family platforms. The new mainframe z196 hardware delivers 50 BIPS of computing power. This new mainframe—with 96 of the fastest CPUs available on any platform in the world (5.2 GHz each) and its ability to virtualize almost any type of workload—provides one of the best private cloud environment alternatives available. Clusters of commodity boxes can scale out for extreme parallelism to facilitate performance, data collection, and analysis. Any idea you or your executives imagine can be accomplished easily within the big data or DB2 environment because it can easily handle any amount of data.

The IDUG conference presentations show that the DB2 family can handle billions of rows on all of its platforms; DB2 pureScale and the recent Netezza acquisition and Apache Hadoop extensions extend the processing power available. Today, building a data warehouse with billions of rows is becoming commonplace for DB2 systems, whereas for other database systems, hundreds of millions of rows is an extremely big system. With other DBMS vendors playing catch-up on scalability, availability, and reliability, their processing is falling behind the times and can’t handle these big data systems. DB2—with its latest temporal tables, greater number of online analytical processing (OLAP) SQL functions, and Smart Analytics Optimizer integrated within a DB2 10 for z/OS solution—provides functionality several steps ahead of the DBMS competition.

One of my recent Web media projects processed more than a billion rows into a DB2 data warehouse and produced query insights in less than 12 hours—using only two commodity CPUs. Imagine if I had 96 of the new faster 5.2 GHz CPUs and DB2 for z/OS. The processing would have taken maybe minutes. Imagine the speed, the processing, and the fast answers.

Imagining what is possible and then bringing the data together is what DB2 and big data are all about. Forget about the petabytes and help your company imagine what information will make it better, more profitable, and a great company for your customers. Unleash your thinking and imagine no limits, because the DB2 family can handle it a variety of ways.

IDUG, IBM, and DB2 are at the forefront with these new ideas and many others. Come discuss your ideas at the IDUG North America conference this May in Anaheim (, where you can let your imagination go wild.