Innovative healthcare analytics on display in Chicago

Industry Marketing Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences

I’m looking forward to the upcoming Healthcare Analytics Symposium in Chicago next week (July 14 through 16) led by Health Data Management. During this analytics focused conference, we will hear from innovators who are leveraging big data and analytics in a variety of ways to solve real problems that touch different parts of their organizations.

Healthcare organizations have come a long way over the last couple of years, establishing their analytics initiatives and big data is playing a greater role—from analyzing structured data in a systematic way from disparate systems, to tapping into unstructured content from clinical notes to enrich insights, to capturing real time streaming data from monitors and sensors in the hospital to better manage critically ill patients. It’s encouraging and fascinating to see the partnerships that are forming within healthcare organizations to take advantage of the latest technology to extract new knowledge about better ways to approach patient care.


IBM will be featuring demonstrations around natural language processing within the EHR, the ability to tap into unstructured content to improve the accuracy of PQRS reporting and also to demonstrate the process improvements that can be achieved by analyzing physiological data in real time.

I’m especially excited to hear from Dr. Mark Wainwright, Founder’s Board Chair in Neurology, and director of the pediatric neurocritical care program at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and also Medical Director of the Data Analytics and Reporting division at Lurie Children’s Hospital. Dr. Wainwright will be talking about his work with bioinformatics in pediatric critical care and the integration of monitoring and electronic medical record data. Critical intensive care units can be chaotic with alarms constantly going off. Streaming analytics can help reduce alarm fatigue and improve outcomes by bringing together streams of physiological data to detect subtle trends that go undetected by busy clinicians. If you’re going to the conference, be sure to come to the booth for a demo and sign up for this breakfast which takes place on Wednesday, July 16. 

You can read more about IBM client stories we’ll be featuring at the Healthcare Analytics Symposium in my blog on IBM’s Insights on Business for healthcare and life sciences.