Insights in 5 with Jen Q. Public: Public sector conference highlights

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

The wealth of knowledge flowing through the IBM Insight conference is phenomenal! Many of the insights could be found in side conversations, while walking through the halls or even within the questions asked during sessions. As I traversed hallways and sessions I captured some of these moments. Here are my top five moments in pictures.

Andre Blackman, founder and principal of Pulse + Signal, gave us his perspective on IBM Insight and said that "with tools coming from IBM, in the healthcare and public health landscape we will be able to actually ask questions of the data instead of just ‘what ifs’ around what may happen." He went on to say that "from a strategic communications perspective, innovative healthcare companies will be able to create campaigns and initiatives that rely on ultra-specific data points that occur in close-to-real time."

Lucy Gray, independent education consultant and Susan Bearden, director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy, got a preview of IBM Watson for education. Educational institutions are exploring how analytics can enable personalized content delivery to meet each student’s exact needs.

Robert Dolan, manager, Industry Solutions, IBM Big Data and Analytics, IBM Software at IBM, advocated for data-driven governments so we can create smarter, safer cities for our citizens today and tomorrow.

Kaiser Permanente senior executives discussed the benefits of IBM InfoSphere (previously known as Initiate). Shahid Shahco-Founder and CEO of Netspective Communications shared that "the conversation was particularly interesting as they demonstrated specific use cases on how a large healthcare provider combines millions of patient data registries from across over half a dozen regions into a unified master patient index (MPI)." They also talked about some of the challenges.

Bob Stasio, Senior Product Manager, i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (EIA) shared his cyber threat analysis expertise and a demo showcasing the power of Enterprise Insight Analysis to counter and mitigate cyber attacks with IBM Insight attendees.

What moments or pictures do you capture?

That's analytics in the public sector through my lens. Stay tuned for more insights from Insight 2015, and don’t forget to learn more about IBM solutions for governmenteducation and healthcare.

Until tomorrow,

Jen Q., from Insight 2015