The Internet of Things: Enterprise challenges, opportunities and solutions

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

Anyone who pays attention to the Internet of Things (IoT) knows that the Internet of Things is driving digital disruption into the physical world by enhancing operations and cutting costs, creating new business models and products and driving engagement and customer experience. But even though the Internet of Things provides a significant market opportunity, many enterprises still have difficulty translating opportunities into results.

Overcoming challenges to the Internet of Things that look to the Internet of Things to drive transformation face five challenges that can bring significant rewards when they are overcome:

  • Unprecedented data volumes
  • Fundamental shifts in business models
  • Incompatible standards
  • New security threats
  • A rapidly evolving privacy landscape

Last week at IFA, we announced a partnership with ARM to expand our device ecosystem and will continue to partner with other system integrators and solutions providers to further build out our capabilities. We are working with HCL Technologies to develop IoT solutions to help customers on the IoT journey. We’re focusing on specific verticals and industries to co-develop innovative solutions around connected products and operations such as remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, smart asset management and smart facilities management.

Our recent announcements on IBM’s platform solution, IBM IoT Foundation, helps provide enterprises an easy way to tap into the Internet of Things and start seeing immediate business value. We're working to provide solutions that help overcome IoT challenges. Our recent announcements around IoT Foundation and our collaboration with ARM is a major step in our journey to help make the IoT easy, an opportunity instead of a challenge.

During IFA 2015, we announced electronics for IoT packaging, and we are now announcing the latest in IoT industry-specific solutions: IBM IoT for Automotive, an industry solution built on the recently announced IBM IoT Foundation that utilizes a cloud-based open design to help automotive manufacturers realize the potential of connected cars. The IBM IoT for Automotive solution facilitates the development of new driver, vehicle and environmental insights through analytic components derived from vehicle and geolocation data collected in the car. New insights are also generated from additional data from third parties such as parking providers and other channels, as well as an automotive manufacturer’s customer data and vehicle history.

I'll be spending this week at IoT Solutions World Congress and at the IAA auto show. I'm looking forward to a meeting of the minds to discuss the future of IoT and am excited to attend one of the world's largest auto shows and see how the auto industry is tapping into the IoT to transform. I hope you'll be at one of these events and can share in the knowledge exchange and see what's around the corner for IoT.