The Internet of Things rocks the Museum of Natural History

Vice President, Watson Internet of Things Platform, IBM

The Internet of Things rocks the Museum of Natural HistoryThe American Museum of Natural History in New York City features many thought-provoking exhibits. But, as I stood in the entrance, rather than pondering the "Life at the Limits" exhibit with the stories about the amazing species, I was pondering life before the Internet of Things. Oh, the possibilities that the Internet of Things has brought to all species!

Following the March 31 announcement of a $3B investment in an Internet of Things business unit, IBM hosted an Internet of Things signature moment at the American Museum of Natural History. Internet of Things GM Pat Toole captured how we all felt about the announcement and the event, saying "it's hard for me to contain my enthusiasm for this space and the possibilities before us now."

IBM Senior Vice President Bob Picciano, and Internet of Things General Managers Pat Toole and Chris O'Connor, led off the event with an analyst roundtable, giving clients and business partners an overview of IoT, covering the role of analytics, the new business unit and IBM's commitment to this space, and a view of how IoT is creating new value and opportunities for Makers and Operators. I presented an overview of our new solutions for these Makers and Operators, announcing Product Line Engineering (PLE) to enable reuse and manage configurations throughout the engineering lifecycle and an aviation maintenance solution.

Following these introductions and opening presentations, Pete Karns and Steve Robinson introduced the IoT Zone on Bluemix with recipes for combining services into IoT solutions and a new security offering in partnership with Texas Instruments. GBS Digital Operations GM Al Opher then took us through the GBS IoT capabilities. For more about the April 9 announcement, read the IBM Helps Ecosystem of Partners, Clients Build "Internet of Things" Solutions press release.

The most impactful parts of the day were truly the customer and partner stories. The Weather Channel's David Kenny helped open the session with an overview of the new IBM and Weather Company partnership, really explaining the power of context and integration of data to support IoT use cases, including the example of how utilizing vast amounts of weather data can reduce the amount of turbulence experienced on commercial flights by an amazing 50 percent.

Avner Goren from Texas Instruments presented on new security solutions in partnership with IBM and DTE Energy's Gary Gauthier talked about their vision for IoT in helping diagnose and maintain utility services using a vast network of intelligent devices. Gauthier noted specifically that data, direction and decisiveness are all key factors in IoT, with decisiveness being the element that closes the loop of turning analytics into action. Panasonic Automotive's Mark Thornton discussed PLE and how it is helping them manage complexity and support customer needs to achieve "a better life, a better world, a better tomorrow." In the final panel Carlo Nizam from Airbus, Kevin Massey from Cummins and Mobeen Khan from AT&T all shared proof points for Makers and Operators for IoT. Kevin noted that one of the keys in the fast-moving IoT world is IBM bringing their expertise in software and services, allowing Cummins to focus on their core competencies to innovate faster.

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