Introducing BigInsights for Apache Hadoop Basic Plan on Bluemix

Offering Manager, Watson Data & AI, IBM

It’s no secret that IBM has been working on ways of spinning up Hadoop clusters quickly and easily. Now those efforts have borne fruit in the form of an open beta of the Basic Plan for IBM BigInsights on Cloud that allows users to acquire fully managed Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark clusters in a matter of minutes. This model brings several benefits for developers and data engineers who wish to develop and deploy analytics applications or data pipelines using Hadoop and Spark.

Gain ready access to clusters

Analytics application developers are often delayed by the unavailability of a Hadoop cluster. With so many variations and configurations in the stack, clusters are often set up incorrectly — and getting them ready can take some time. However, by using the Basic Plan under BigInsights for Apache Hadoop on Bluemix, users can gain access to a cluster offering an ideal set of Apache Hadoop ecosystem components within minutes. BigInsights is built on IBM Open Platform, an ODPi-certified Apache Hadoop distribution including Spark. By taking part in the beta, users will be able to access version 4.2 of IBM Open Platform, the latest currently available. clusters expose Hadoop APIs as public interfaces that allow ready integration of an external application with data and runtimes in a Hadoop cluster. Moreover, integration with the Object Storage service allows data to persist independent of HDFS in the cluster — allowing clusters to be deleted without fear of data movement or loss.

Scale your clusters to suit your needs

Another problem faced by data engineers or analytics owners in lines of business is that of reliably managing and scaling a Hadoop or Spark cluster. Managing clusters generally means relying on IT even when using a cloud service. However, under the Basic Plan of BigInsights for Apache Hadoop on Bluemix, clusters are fully managed, are deployed on a robust architecture built using open-source technologies and are spun up with balanced resource and Hadoop configurations designed to provide outstanding performance. Scaling up or down is as easy as a few clicks in the Bluemix UI. Moreover, the platform is designed to self-heal if components in the cluster encounter problems.

As development continues, keep an eye out for even more exciting and industry-leading features, including IBM Big SQL and more Apache Hadoop and Spark components in the Basic Plan. IBM Analytics Platform Services aims to provide users with an unforgettable experience as they build and deploy analytics applications — a reflection of IBM’s belief that this model, together with the Enterprise Plan in Bluemix, is creating an ever brighter future for data engineers and developers. To share your comments and feedback, visit Stackoverflow or use the Bluemix support channel.