Introducing a collaboration to enable IoT transformation

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

The number of connected devices continues to grow at an extraordinary rate, yet most organizations still aren’t using the data generated from those devices in a meaningful way; most data is simply not used. The challenges can be overwhelming: too much data to handle, security concerns, incompatible standards and device architectures, and the fact that much of the value of Internet of Things (IoT) data is lost moments after it is created. 

Internet of Things innovations are disrupting industries, and those who fail to embrace the IoT will be left behind. So what do organizations need? Nothing less than a solid foundation to help manage this complex stream of data and apply analytics to it in a way that’s secure, global and open. Enterprises need an IoT foundation to derive value from a complex stream of data by applying analytics. increasingly connected world presents many challenges, but even more opportunities. Deriving value from the IoT requires an IoT Foundation with strong cloud, security and analytics capabilities that empower enterprises to drive business models that were previously unimaginable. 

In order to enable IoT transformation, IBM is announcing:

  • Expanded IBM IoT Foundation offerings, with specific solutions for
    • Device Management
    • Information Management
    • Analytics
    • Risk Management 
  • Electronics industry versioning of IBM IoT Foundation: IBM IoT for Electronics
  • An extended IoT Foundation collaboration with ARM

IBM IoT Foundation is a hybrid cloud platform for IoT development that delivers a comprehensive set of services for the growth and management of solutions such as visualization, location awareness, responsive UX and intuitive dashboards that are in turn optimized for industry-specific Internet of Things use cases. IBM IoT Foundation brings rich analytics, geographically broad connectivity and infrastructure expertise tailored to provide the engineering community with ready-to-use, industry-specific components. We're also working with standards bodies like the Open Interconnect Consortium and the AllSeen Alliance to boost interoperability. And we’re committed to building an ecosystem around our platform. Beginning with National Instruments, and now with ARM, we’re extending IBM IoT Foundation from intelligent endpoints all the way to industry-specific IoT solutions hosted locally or in the cloud.

IBM IoT for Electronics is designed to put the IoT to work for the electronics industry—fusing analytics, cloud, security and mobile technologies for real-time actionable insights into how devices are made and used. This new solution standardizes and scales our experience in the electronics industry, enabling manufacturers to address a compelling set of business issues including maintenance, service, customer experience, product optimization and reduced provisioning and setup time.

ARM, the world’s largest designer of IP used in embedded semiconductors (with more than 6 billion shipped devices), is joining its mbBed platform with IBM IoT Foundation and IBM Bluemix services as a preferred platform for the development of IoT applications based on the mbed IoT platform. mbed from ARM is a new and growing suite of software for IoT devices with cost, size and power constraints. ARM and IBM will provide combined services allowing products powered by ARM mbed-enabled chips to automatically register with the IBM IoT platform, called IBM IoT Foundation, and connect with IBM Analytics services. As part of the relationship, ARM clients will be able to use these services, including the new IoT platform, to enable clients to build analytics into IoT apps to drive real-time insights, monitoring and actions.