Invest in big data today to win tomorrow

Solutions Sales, Global Electronics Industry, IBM

There is no better time to be affiliated with IBM Global Electronics Industry. It is focused on two key areas—Internet of Things and analytics. Regardless of the function within the company, executives today are keen to improve decision-making whether in sales and marketing, supply chain, product development, human resources, warranty service, production and so on.

Company executives are benefiting from enhanced insights gained through analytics. Many of us know the statistics. More data is being created today than ever before in our world’s history. Companies are awash with data, and data is the twenty-first century’s new natural resource. What one does with this data, and how one gains insight from it, is what will improve decision making.

Ask any executive about how they’ve made decisions in the past, and they’ll say undeniably that experience or gut instinct played a role in their decision-making process. The difference in today’s world is that decision-making can be improved 100 percent by the application of analytics to data.

A key source of data that impacts decision making is gained by connected devices, appliances, machines and people. Internet of Things data is just in its infancy, but its potential and impact will result in a tectonic shift. Why? Quite simply, the capability to collect real time data on all things instrumented is revolutionary. Everything from the devices we use, the cars we drive, the machines that make our products and the systems that monitor our health can all be monitored and managed for optimal performance and maximum uptime. Combining this real time data along with omnipresent big data that is internal and external to the company will be ever so valuable in making insightful decisions.

Without a doubt, analytics and Internet of Things data are in their beginning stages, but in an increasingly connected and instrumented world, coupled with insights from big data, the future looks exciting. Those who invest in refining this twenty-first century natural resource (data) will define the winners of the future. We are excited to be on this journey to tap into the wealth of data being created in the connected world, and go beyond data gathering to deriving meaningful insights from data.

Check out what we’re doing with the Internet of Things to harness that data and provide insights that help organizations work highly efficiently.