IoT may be bigger than the internet

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So now I am fascinated by the Internet of Things (IoT) and wondering: what should I do with the power of this curiosity? My first reaction is to associate the IoT with the web and mobility, since we are in fact talking about the internet. I can then turn to my understanding of cloud services and big data solutions pertaining to web content management as the jumping off point into the IoT. But what guarantee do we have that the perceived status quo of this new concept will actually stay around long enough to be adopted as a platform, instead of landing among the ever-growing collection of other cool, catchy, of-the-moment buzzwords? Let's explore a few more thoughts about the IoT.

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Amazon Web Services is reshaping the big data community, along with Netflix and YouTube, by plugging into and accessing the Internet of Things—and seeing results. However, while mobility data, social data and website content may be helping some businesses tp thrive, this same data is hurting others because of their disconnection from this information. So, IoT may be bigger than the internet, tied to business in a way that would impact the stock market, for example.

Connected devices are everywhere, and they are data generators, with users both internal and external. At IBM Insight 2014, I received an education on all things IoT, including quite a few use cases behind this ever-growing data generated in cyberspace. For instance, sharing a picture of a delicious meal at a restaurant could potentially contribute to the success of this restaurant, if this business can connect with data and react to the reviews accordingly. To do this, it is necessary to use predictive analytics and data visualization, interfacing with mobile apps which connect directly to the subscribers and creators of this data. This also means that the IoT is connected to cloud computing. Further research reveals that many cloud computing providers are already competing to store all of this data for subscribers.

The landscape of the internet has long since been the battleground for the small business and entrepreneur alike. Starting a dot-com business was (and still is) the fastest way to get to the market of choice with very few resources needed. This was not previously essential for larger companies because advertising was the key to their customer awareness. The internet has now morphed into a common place for global markets to compete, as well as a site for the endless possibilities of content and data generation.

Looking at it like this surfaces the conclusion that the internet now represents a truly endless supply of fresh data with limitless opportunity for analytical advantages, controlled by no one and available to everyone—known, in short, as the Internet of Things.

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