It's time to use Hadoop for social good—are you in?

Go-to-market leader, Big Data, IBM

Last month I introduced the Big Data for Social Good Challenge and since then it has opened for submissions with data sets from around the globe plus lots of prize winning opportunities. You might have seen that Chip and Jason are in—are you?

Between deriving insights that will drive social change, harnessing the power of enterprise Hadoop on IBM Bluemix and competing with peers for some really amazing prizes, it’s a great opportunity to put your skills to work. 

Bluemix has opened the door for developers to explore, consume and compose applications that drive change. How about moving a toy car with your mind? Or harnessing the power of wearables? Those are just a few examples what developers are building with data services on Bluemix today.

In partnership with DataKind, hack/reduce, NewSci and Findability Sciences we’re working with civic-based organizations around the globe to find interesting data sets and problems that we’ll keep adding to the Challenge. You can use ours—or bring your own.

The Challenge is open for submissions until March 3, so check it out and get started today. If you’re interested, join us for one of our upcoming idea jams, all over the world.

Participate in the #Hadoop4good challenge and change the world