Jen Q. Public: Analytics help connect the dots for cybersecurity

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

May 21, 11:21 p.m.

Dear diary: 

The Internet and advanced technologies such as live, streaming apps and wi-fi in planes have created exciting possibilities, but these advances also pose security and data-overload challenges. We do live in scary times.

For instance, I have been counting down the days to my next vacation since last year’s vacation. However, I would be lying if I said that the recent report about in-flight wi-fi being susceptible to hackers was not giving me second thoughts about air travel. Then, just this week a cybersecurity researcher claimed he had managed to take control of a plane mid-flight through its in-flight entertainment system. What?!

And no industry seems to be exempt from this kind of hacking. One example is how universities deal with cyber threats.

What can we do to protect ourselves? How are governments and intelligence agencies sifting through all this data to protect us? Will cyber threats and security breaches paralyze us with fear and cripple our nations?

As these questions swirl through my mind, I am comforted by the existence of big data and advanced analytics, and how they can help disrupt and defeat cyber threats. I read recently about how advanced analytics help uncover patterns buried in big data to help those defending against these threats connect the dots.

Just the other day, a colleague mentioned that IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis (i2 EIA) helps analysts uncover hidden connections within hundreds of terabytes of data so they can use actionable insights to achieve rapid clarity in complex investigations—and in near real-time.

On another comforting front, the government passed a cybersecurity bill in April to “push companies to share access to their computer networks and records with federal investigators.” Good to know the government is on the case and doing its part. Next-generation solutions such as i2 EIA enable intelligence agencies to leapfrog the limited capabilities in traditional methods and solutions and proactively turn the tables on cyber threats.

What do you think?

Jen Q. Public

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