Jen Q. Public: Analytics for security insights

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

July 30, 7:30 p.m.

Dear diary,

I picked up some good whodunit books for my vacation and long flight today. Reading the inside covers, I couldn’t help but wonder if these teams of detectives, forensic scientists and intelligence agents are really able to dedicate so much time to solving each crime and exposing each conspiracy. Don’t get me wrong. I admire their ability to pinpoint key details and break the case, usually despite the odds and at great personal peril. But how realistic is that ability, really? And if these resources aren’t available for every case or threat, does that mean that the bad guys sometimes—gulp—win?

Of course, I had to go digging right away because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep—plus I always get the middle seat next to someone who snores, slobbers or slouches. Anyway, in my digging I noticed that the top minds in the cyberthreat prevention, defense, financial, intelligence, law enforcement and national security sectors will be sharing insights and knowledge at the IBM i2 Summit in Washington DC in September, 2015. Very cool.

A variety of sessions at this i2 Summit highlight the latest technology around analytics. This event definitely seems like the place to be if you want to learn how to shorten investigative lifecycles, adapt to rapidly changing emergency situations and gain critical intelligence about threat actors and their motivations. Hobnobbing with the likes of the city managers, IT directors, Homeland Security officials and others expected at the conference would also be really cool. Knowing that the good guys are locked and loaded and armed with the latest technology gives me peace of mind.

I think even Sherlock Holmes himself would appreciate having a little help from analytics. He could catch the bad guys with enough time left over to take a vacation and relax—if he scores a better seat than I do, that is.

Until next time,

Jen Q.