Jen Q. Public: Creating a safer planet with video analytics

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

June 19, 6:15 a.m.

Dear diary,

This crazy week was topped off with a ticket for sliding through the red light at the Tree Stone intersection. The light was really yellow—well, yellowish. And I did not see the camera. Camera or no camera, I should have obeyed the law, especially in this day and age in which everything is captured on somebody’s camera, smartphone, GoPro camera and now next-generation video analytics.

Although I am still a bit miffed at my ticket, I’m really excited by the potential of advanced video analytics to give law enforcement and forensic analysts enhanced detail: size, color, track, speed, object type and more when investigating crime. Many organizations besides law enforcement are beginning to rely on video analytics as well. I read that Albuquerque businesses are using video analytics to protect property and a recent survey shows that public transport operators are expanding their use of real-time surveillance and video analytics.

Last Thursday, I had lunch with my colleague, Frank Yeh, Senior Solution Architect at IBM, and he shared that “emerging technology such as convolutional neural networks—also known as deep learning—and facial recognition and vehicle make and model recognition are improving both precision and accuracy in the field, paving the way for advanced capabilities and new use cases. This technology is expected to add significant value to the industry, but already a vast amount of untapped data exists that can be used to gain new insights.”

These advanced capabilities are great. If advanced video analytics can help increase citizen safety and create a safer planet, I’m all in.

Until next time,

Jen Q. Public