Jen Q. Public: Cybersecurity for a safer planet

Digital Marketing Lead, Public Services Sector, IBM Analytics

June 25, 10:03 p.m.

Dear diary,

These days, it sometimes appears that the biggest danger we face is change. As we innovate and become more technologically advanced, criminals are updating their tactics too, and the constantly evolving nature of threats seemingly poses the greatest challenge to citizens and governments. Law enforcement, emergency management, cyber threat intelligence agencies and counter fraud professionals now have the daunting task of safeguarding the security of citizens, systems and the whole world. Looking at the news and seeing our rapidly changing social environment, I worry that the task of keeping up with and getting ahead of the events, crises and attacks that threaten our society may be too great.

This week, however, IBM unveiled its new safer planet offerings, along with plans to bring the world’s largest network of more than a billion law enforcement records into the cloud. I had a chance to sit and soak up wisdom at a Twitter chat on finding the threat in data to create a safer planet for citizens today and tomorrow. Brian Cotton, Vice President of Frost & Sullivan’s Global Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) practice, shared this observation: “If we got into the habit of using analytics, then we could anticipate instead of just react." I also listened in on a panel of experts discussing cybersecurity in the age of analytics. Richard Stiennon, a veteran in the security industry, said, "we are not hearing more about cyber crime because we do not have the technology to identify some of the breaches!" Scary.

Though we may not go back to the unlocked doors and the carefree days of our great-grandparents, I am fascinated and comforted by the power of advanced analytics and the possibilities it gives us to create a safer planet for tomorrow's generation.

Here’s to a safer planet,

Jen Q. Public