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Last year, more than 100,000 developers from 156 nations built 2,500+ applications in Call for Code 2018, an IBM initiative to create meaningful change through technology. This year, it's your turn. Join Call for Code 2019 and you’ll have the opportunity to create sustainable software solutions that help people prepare and recover from natural disasters.

Call for Code is inspired by a sobering reality: though natural disasters are inevitable, innovative solutions can be hard to come by. But big ideas can create big change. When motivated developers apply innovative, cloud-based technologies, they can unlock new capabilities that improve emergency response. And numerous success stories from last year’s competition show that IBM Cloud technologies, including Db2 Warehouse and Watson, can be a great starting point for virtually anything you want to build in Call for Code.

Get inspired

To help inspire your own solution, let’s look back at one of last year’s finalist teams in the Call for Code Challenge. In the aftermath of an emergency, high call volumes and multiple redundant calls can quickly overwhelm dispatchers. So one team decided to create an AI-powered web application that could support them. Their app combines multiple IBM Cloud technologies—including Db2, Watson Text to Speech, and Cognos Dashboard—to automatically transcribe calls, extract important details, and map call events. This helps dispatchers cross-reference calls and prioritize responder resources. By reducing the demand on individual dispatchers, and helping backup dispatchers become more productive, the software improves management of key emergency responder resources when they’re needed most.

The call center support app is just one example of how the right technologies and intelligent software can make a real difference on the ground in the aftermath of a disaster. And with thousands of developers participating again in 2019, Call for Code promises to lead to many more transformative emergency response strategies based on open-source components.

How to get started

Prior to submitting your contribution to Call for Code 2019, you’ll want to check out the many resources on the Call for Code site, including code patterns that can help you think of new ways to deploy innovative technologies in your solution. For example, this code pattern makes it easy to embed AI for continuous model training with IBM Watson Machine Learning and Watson Studio. Using it can help you quickly build and prototype models, monitor deployments and teach your app over time as more data becomes available.

But that’s just one of dozens of code patterns and tutorials that can help you deliver your submission:

The Call for Code site has additional resources such as tutorials, blog posts, tech talks and videos—sorted by technology, industry, or even the type of natural disaster where they could be most relevant.

Join a team or create your own today—just be sure to submit your app before July 29, 2019. Though the global Call for Code 2019 initiative’s focus is building technology solutions for natural disaster preparedness, response, and recovery to help vulnerable people in difficult times, it’s also a major competition with real stakes. The winning team will receive $200,000, gain industry support, and be able to implement their idea through Code and Response. Whether you’re interested in the technical challenge, the competition, the opportunity to help others – or all three – there’s a good reason to join Call for Code 2019. Get started today.

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