Keep your head above water with information lifecycle governance

Content Marketing Manager, Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG), IBM

Data is everywhere because incredibly large volumes of data are produced every single day. While there are countless benefits to the ease with which data is generated, the modern enterprise is now overwhelmed by just how to handle all of this data. Businesses of all sizes need to tackle the data explosion, particularly to address these challenges: 

  • Finding and managing data across numerous platforms
  • Complying responsibly with mandates and regulations, as well as preemptive preparation of looming litigation
  • Employing proper records and retention policies
  • Curbing data storage costs along with archiving practices
  • Applying data privacy and protection

But, what is the answer? How do you even begin to govern all this data? CIOs, corporate counsel, compliance officers and records managers all share these concerns, and ignoring the problem is no longer an option.

Governing data’s ongoing flow

To avoid sinking in a sea of endless data, CIOs and others need to enact a sound governance solution with a proven record of success. While many governance solutions on the market exist today, one such solution offers a comprehensive data governance platform. The IBM Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) platform helps empower enterprises to fully govern data wherever it resides, whether it’s on premises or in the cloud and whether it’s structured or unstructured data. IBM ILG offerings cover five key areas: 

  • Data assessment and cleanup
  • Legal hold notification and data identification, collection and preservation
  • Records and retention
  • Archiving
  • Data privacy and protection 

These solutions are agile, flexible and easily integrate with one another so that the enterprise may customize a governance solution that works best for its particular needs. Enterprises can start small and expand their governance solution as their business needs continue to grow and change.

Setting a course for enhanced business decisions

By partnering with IBM, CIOs and other enterprise leaders can gain confidence by properly managing and controlling data. Moreover, through the use of IBM analytics, they can also make better, wiser business decisions than ever and employ tactical strategies derived from business insights. Corporate counsel and compliance officers can be empowered to properly manage and streamline e-discovery and comply with corporate mandates and federal regulations. Automated records and retention policies not only bolster the efforts of both legal and compliance, but also help ensure human error and missteps can be avoided. Through employing value-based archiving solutions, enterprises can significantly reduce data storage costs while simultaneously lowering business risks. And safeguarding enterprise data from inevitable data breaches and hackers requires constant attention.

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