The keys to becoming a data warehouse grandmaster

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The greatest grandmasters in chess think five moves ahead.  

In IT, even thinking five moves ahead isn’t enough. A lot of things can happen, planned and unplanned, within the first five moves of an IT strategy deployment that cause a significant amount of disruption both concurrently and long afterward.  

Requirements change. Workloads evolve. The wants of the organization today might not align with the needs of tomorrow. For that reason, flexibility is the watch word, especially when it comes to the cloud. 

Today, we are announcing greater efficiencies and flexibility for how our clients will be able to consume and pay for their data warehouse cloud managed service.  

Elastic scaling for your warehouse

In the past, standard data warehouse configurations were done in set sizes (small, medium, large, and so on). Today, similar to our "flex" pricing option in IBM Db2 on Cloud and IBM Db2 hosted, clients will have the option to start at a set size, then scale compute and storage independently, based on the demand.  

For example, clients who might not know what their workload or storage requirements will be can ramp up as needed. Many clients will choose this option to grow in a linear fashion, responding to a steady increase in their workload and/or storage requirements with “stepped” scaling to accommodate and control costs. 

On the other hand, some workloads occur during a specific period of time, such as at the start and at the end of each month. Expansion of compute resources can easily be scheduled for those periods of time and then reduced once completed. 

The new announcement of flexible pricing is further complimented by self-service backups and other service enhancements that ensure you stay multiple moves ahead. 

To learn more, join Offering Manager Ben Hudson and myself on 1 February at 11:30 AM Eastern as the Db2 Community hosts us for the "Flex Performance: how to scale on demand with Db2 Warehouse on Cloud" webinar.

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