Knocking it out of the park with the Internet of Things

Social Strategist for the Internet of Things, IBM

If you were asked “how can the Internet of Things rock your world?” what would you say? Maybe you would be looking to improve weather predictions to reduce the impact of the weather on your business, or maybe you would want to leverage analytics to find a cure for cancer. Maybe you would just want to know all of the conditions impacting attendance and crowd queues for a baseball game so that you could optimize your time at the ballpark. Just imagine the possibilities and the variety of responses to this question you would receive from a room of people from different industries and backgrounds.

I’m sure that many of these thoughts were rolling around in the heads of the attendees of the IBM “From Hype to Insight” event on April 9, 2015 as they entered the American Museum of Natural History. Pair this enthusiasm with proof points from three press releases (3/31 IOT $3B Investment announcement; 3/31 IOT partnership with The Weather Company; 4/9 IOT Ecosystem announcement) around the topic and you have the makings for a rocking event that proved to be very engaging. This is exactly the type of event that @MarysMicrophone loves to cover!

The following experts took the challenge and stepped up to the microphone to provide their perspectives on the Internet of Things and the IBM event:

  • Ralph Rio: Research Director at ARC Advisory Group
  • Kevin Massey: Principal Technical Analyst at Cummins
  • Avner Goren: General Manager Strategic Marketing at Texas Instruments
  • Michelle Boockoff-Bajdek: Vice President Global Marketing at The Weather Company

Watch the video from the experts:


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For the baseball enthusiasts out there: I arrived to the NY Yankee game on April 9 prepared for the weather, navigated the queues and optimized my time at the ballpark. It helped that IBM hosted the post-museum event in a heated suite at Yankee Stadium. The only thing that would have rocked my world more would have been for past Yankee star Paul O'Neill to have visited us during the game...maybe next time!