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Three key features of IBM Data Science Experience explained

Creative and Editorial Lead, Data and AI, IBM

Data science is a high-impact discipline that can truly move the needle in any enterprise and industry. But as the practice evolves, data science leaders and their teams can encounter a multitude of challenges: demonstrating value, evolving organizational practices and transforming outdated data management to fit into a world ready for artificial intelligence. 

IBM Data Science Experience was designed to kick-start and rapidly scale data science projects, fitting any deployment needs in a multicloud environment. In this video demo, Tim Bohn from the IBM Data Science Elite team, and data science marketing leader Rosie Pongracz break down the three areas where IBM Data Science Experience excels:

  • Providing a broad range of tools and languages for different users within a range of skill sets
  • Operationalizing machine learning at scale
  • Training where you need and deployment where you want

You’ll learn in a step-by-step demonstration how IBM Data Science Experience supports open source libraries, visual model building and decision optimization models. The demo shows in detail the process for model development, deployment and upkeep. And, finally, for companies that work within highly regulated industries, you’ll see how to manage your deployment securely. This unique hybrid approach means a team can build and train a model on data behind the firewall, but deploy that model to be used on a public cloud.

IBM Data Science Experience standardizes and simplifies the lifecycle so that enterprise teams can scale and focus on the modeling that actually drives business impact, helping data science leaders deliver value to business owners.

For people with different skills to work together on a project, you need a platform with tools for both coders and non-coders. The IBM data science platform helps ensure that models will be deployed and managed at the speed business moves today, delivering on the promise of data science and machine learning.

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