Learn how to build your ladder to AI with "Machine Learning Everywhere"

Worldwide Marketing Director, Data Science & Business Analytics, IBM

2018 is the year to start scaling predictive intelligence in your business with machine learning.

Organizations everywhere, are aiming to embed AI in everything they do. But while 85 percent of companies surveyed believe AI will help them outpace competition, only a handful of them have gotten started.

While seemingly daunting, there are foundational technologies available now to all organizations. And guess what? Most likely these pieces are already in place. Your company’s journey to AI has already begun and is ready to be accelerated.

Data science and AI are flourishing because of a widespread data explosion, and machine learning mines value from those data sources that you aren’t yet fully utilizing. If you have the data, your business is on the first rung of your ladder up to AI.

There is no AI without making data simple and accessible. This is where you have to start.

These foundational technologies — hybrid data management, unified governance and integration, and data science and business analytics — create the rungs required to move up the ladder. They deliver components for data-driven applications by enabling seamless movement of data and delivering predictive power from machine learning models deployed in a multicloud environment.

Simply put, the AI ladder heightens the levels of analytic sophistication that lead to a thriving machine learning practice in your business.

Every business that has data, structured or unstructured, on multiple clouds needs hybrid data management at the core of their machine learning. Governance and integration provide security with seamless user access. Together, your data foundation, security, and analytics allow enterprise applications to be living, dynamic tools powered by machine learning models deployed for scalability.

This is the topic of our upcoming 27 February broadcast, “Machine Learning Everywhere.” We’ll cover how to build on what you have and talk about how to jump-start your journey. By proactively setting your data, systems and people on the path to machine learning this year, you will be poised to lead the adoption of AI throughout your business.

During our hour-long broadcast, we’ll be focused on how you can apply machine learning within your organization. We’ll be showcasing how IBM Analytics and our customers rely on the practice throughout our businesses with case studies and demos. We’ll also hear from tech experts and researchers who are on the cutting edge of applying machine learning to some of the world’s biggest problems.

Data science is a discipline. Machine Learning is a technique. AI puts machine learning into practice and applies it to your business. To embed AI in your business, you have to lay the foundation today.

Join us on 27 February at 1 PM ET for “Machine Learning Everywhere: Build Your Ladder to AI.” Visit the event landing page to learn more about the event and register for a calendar reminder.