Learn how you can fast track your company’s data

Marketing Leader, IBM Analytics North America

Earlier this year, IBM held the “Fast Track Your Data — Live from New York” event for thousands of our clients. Our mission: to help business and technology leaders better understand the critical importance that data and analytics play in an organization’s digital transformation. Technology veterans and business leaders shared their views of current data challenges they face.

Following are just a couple of the leaders whose stories could help you fast track your data. Check out event replays from client innovator and IBM subject matter expert speakers by registering here.

Russell Moore, director of innovation at TSYS, shared his company’s approach to hybrid data management. You might not be familiar with TSYS, but chances are good that if you used your credit or debit card within the last 24 hours, you’ve crossed paths with them. TSYS processes more than 700 million consumer payments across 81 countries for banks like TD and Capital One.  

Managing critical credit card transaction requires serious analytics, machine learning capabilities, a scalable data warehouse and mainframe transaction processing power. Watch the replay to hear Russell share insights on a successful hybrid data approach.

Northern Trust's Sanjay Saxena focused on a critical issue impacting businesses across the globe:  emerging GDPR requirements. GDPR rules already affect many organizations in Europe today. And they will also impact any global corporation with data flowing through the EU, even if they are headquartered elsewhere.

Based in Chicago, Northern Trust has 85 offices across 18 states and 20 international offices in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. You can hear from Sanjay how Northern Trust manages the risk, regulation, compliance, valuation and monetization of data with GDPR in mind. He covers the critical elements required for a GDPR solution, including having good data quality controls all the way across the data pipeline.

Russell and Sanjay are solving problems and creating value for their organizations — with help from IBM. We want to help more companies develop similar approaches to data-driven digital transformation.  

Click on this link to view the all the keynotes and highlights from the Fast Track Your Data event. To read more about how IBM can help you, check out our unified governance and integration and IBM Db2 offers.

Learn more about IBM's own GDPR readiness journey and our GDPR capabilities and offerings here

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