Make data work—Know more, faster

GM, Analytic Platform, IBM

All the data in the world isn't helpful unless you put it to use. Employees spend countless hours just pulling data together and making sense of it. By the time the data is prepped, the opportunity to prevent that customer churn, intercept that fraudulent activity, offer that upsell, is gone. No one feels that data is working for them.

That is why we are announcing a set of innovations aimed at making more data available faster. Built on the cloud and mobile ready, these services provide data fuel to the broadest set of applications and analytics possible, and do so at cloud speed. We set out to close the data divide between those that are able to put data to work, and those that aren’t. Our cloud-born data services provide data professionals and application developers the unique ability to turn data into readily available fuel for their organizations—all anyone else has to do is choose how to apply it.

Watch this short video for more on these new services designed to enable a fluid data layer that can span on-premises and cloud data for the shift to the hybrid cloud.

These services provide the ability to:

  • Find data, refine and integrate it
  • Manage it optimally in a cloud-based data warehouse for analytic workloads
  • Deliver it for use in business applications, such as Watson Analytics
  • Inform a web or mobile application running on Cloudant

We want everyone who needs clean reliable data to be able to gain access to it—when they want, where they want and at the speed they need it. Data needs to flow at the speed of their business.

The power of these cloud services could, for example, enable a ride sharing service company to improve their customers’ experience by ensuring their drivers are in the right place at the right time. The company can take taxi trip information, captured in a mobile application running on Cloudant, directly into dashDB. And use DataWorks to refine and load additional weather and traffic data to provide more insight. With dashDB, Cloudant and DataWorks working together, new insights can be leveraged to improve customer experience and grow revenue.

Learn more about these new innovations. Isn’t it time your data worked for you?