Meet the women shaping the future of AI

Creative and Editorial Lead, Data and AI, IBM

We spend a lot of time talking with business leaders about the Ladder to AI, the journey that companies need to take to harness the value of an artificial intelligence-enhanced business. AI can transform through better prediction, automation and optimization.

AI is not science fiction. It’s science. And an AI-infused business climate isn’t just happening in the future. It’s happening now. Businesses across a broad range of industries are harnessing AI to unlock ROI, ignite innovation and create new services for their customers. Read this blog to see how five trailblazing enterprises have achieved results on their companies’ journey to AI.

So how do companies start climbing the ladder of AI? It’s not a magic box you plug into your cloud. It’s people. It’s business leaders who embrace innovation and take the steps to re-imagine what’s possible when you start collecting and organizing the data that fuels AI results.

Elenita Elinon, Executive Director Quantitative Research, JP Morgan Chase
Patricia Maqetuka, Chief Data Architecture and Operations Officer, Nedbank

At IBM we believe the emerging AI workforce needs to be as diverse as the people whose jobs and lives will be touched by AI. There’s a gender gap in this game-changing field. According to one estimate women comprise just 22 percent of the global AI workforce.

That’s why IBM has just launched the inaugural IBM Women Leaders in AI. We’re honoring women pioneering AI in their businesses in diverse industries from across the globe.

The program recognizes the AI achievements of 40 female business leaders from 17 countries and 13 industry categories who are driving transformation in their industry.

We’re proud to use IBM people and initiatives to build gender equality everywhere—at IBM, across business and in society at-large.

Through Watson OpenScale, we’re making tools that help reduce bias in algorithms and machine learning models. Our aim is to build trust and confidence in AI outcomes. OpenScale helps businesses intelligently detect and correct potential bias in data sets and models, which can ensure better, and more equitable, decision-making.

IBM also launched “Be Equal,” a major leadership initiative that promotes the advancement of gender equality in business leadership. Read more about “Be Equal” and join business leaders in taking the pledge to create more equal workplaces.

All of us in the IBM Data and AI organization congratulate each of the 40 honorees of the inaugural IBM Women Leaders in AI initative. We hope their stories as leaders, and the AI transformation they are pioneering at their companies, inspire you to grow, build and innovate.

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