Monetizing the Internet of Things in the electronics industry

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT) has been a hot topic during 2015. And as the conversation about IoT monetization has developed, it has begun focusing on industry-specific solutions. IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin) 2015, which will focus on monetizing the IoT in the electronics industry, is particularly noteworthy in this regard.

The significant players in electronics will be gathering at IFA—the largest consumer electronics show in the world—but IFA’s scope extends well beyond electronics into the worlds of mobile phone providers, mobile app companies and car companies, as well as just about any organization working in the IoT space. That much can be seen from a look at the IFA show floor, which sports a vast array of connected homes, connected cars, connected appliances and other connected products., though IFA is still billed as an electronics conference, the last few years have seen it focusing on connectedness and the Internet of Things. And rightly so: The new value proposition in the electronics industry has much to do with connectivity and how electronics can be used to create—and derive value from—a connected world. Consumers will still buy tangible pieces of electronic equipment, but the value those products offer increasingly comes from the software that runs on those products and that connects them. Indeed, software is a major differentiator between competing pieces of equipment.

Attendees at IFA are often the first to hear announcements from major IoT and electronics players across multiple industries. Indeed, at IFA 2015, IBM will be making several announcements that will directly affect the electronics industry’s relationship with the Internet of Things. Beyond that, I expect IFA 2015 to offer insight into how gathering driver data will allow monetization of the automotive industry, and I anticipate wide coverage of the maturing of intelligent homes. In particular, I expect to see interesting developments spurring the mass adoption, so long predicted, of intelligent home technologies.

Despite great strides toward realizing the potential of technology platforms—including advances by leading alliances such as AllSeen, the Open Interconnect Consortium and the Eclipse Foundation—one question still needs answering in many industries: How can we make money using the Internet of Things? I expect announcements made at IFA 2015 to shed light on this question, especially for the electronics industry.

IBMers from the electronics industry team and the IoT business unit will be at IFA 2015. If you’ll be there as well, then visit us in the Marshall House, adjoining the lawn and garden, to enjoy a 360° view of the grounds while talking about the latest applications for electronics in the Internet of Things. We hope to see you in Berlin!