Most Popular Analyst Reports, eBooks and White Papers of 2013 - So Far

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Since big data is still relatively new technology, many of you are conducting research and seeking quality educational resources. That's apparent in this list of the 10 most popular analyst reports, ebooks and white papers. We are proud to offer such an extensive library - more than 40 items - from top industry analysts and authors. Here are the one you dowloaded most.


Harness the Power of Big Data: The IBM Big Data Platform 

Big data represents a new era of computing – an inflection point of opportunity where data in any format may be explored and utilized for breakthrough insights - whether that data is in-place, in-motion, or at-rest. IBM is uniquely positioned to help clients navigate this transformation. 

This book reveals how IBM is leveraging open source big data technologies, infused with deep IBM innovation from over 6 billion dollars in analytics acquisitions, that manifest in a platform capable of changing the game.

Managing big data for smart grids and smart meters

Evolving technologies in the energy and utilities industry, including smart meters and smart grids, can provide companies with unprecedented capabilities for forecasting demand, shaping customer usage patterns, preventing outages, optimizing unit commitment and more. At the same time, these advances also generate unprecedented data volume, speed and complexity. This white paper examines the business requirements, technical challenges and IBM solutions for a variety of data-driven decision-making and planning imperatives in the energy and utilities industry.

Understanding Big Data: Analytics for Enterprise Class Hadoop and Streaming Data

Big data is going to change the way you do things in the future, how you gain insight, and make decisions (the change isn’t going to be a replacement, rather a synergy and extension). By the time you are done reading this book, you’ll have a good handle on the big data opportunity that lies ahead, a better understanding on the requirements that ensures you have the right big data platform (as opposed to just technology), and have a strong foundational knowledge as to the business opportunities that lie ahead with big data and some of the technologies available.

Big data analytics for communications service providers

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) that can ingest and analyze network, location and customer data in real time or near–real time have much to gain. This paper defines what big data analytics mean to CSPs, provides an overview of their most valuable uses in telecommunications, outlines what companies must look for as they adopt new big data analytics solutions and discusses how IBM can help.

Big Data Comes of Age: An Enterprise Management Associates® and 9sight Consulting Research Report

This report examines some key questions around the opportunity of Big Data. The study which consists of 255 Big Data business and IT professionals responded to an invitation to talk about their Big Data plans and implementations. 

Getting the most out of big data: How banks can gain fresh customer insight with new big data capabilities

In an era of intense competition and market volatility, banks need strategies for getting the most out of data for two key activities—customer interaction and liquidity risk management. The following white paper shows how big data impacts these important aspects of the financial services industry.

Getting Big Value from Big Data: Expanding Information Architectures to Support Today's Data – A Ventana Research Report

Many organizations are facing an explosion in big data in both structured and unstructured forms.  When processed and analyzed properly, big data can provide significant benefits for business decision-making.  The fastest growing category of unstructured data is social media text. This Ventana Research Perspective highlights the most common data sources used by enterprises and how organizations are using big data capabilities to analyze more data and increase the speed of analysis.

Big data analytics: Disruptive technologies for changing the game

The Big Data tsunami is already hitting organizations - a set of disruptive technologies to drive game changers. Unlike many other Big Data Analytics blogs and books that cover the basics and technological underpinnings, this book brings a practitioner’s view to Big Data Analytics. The author has drawn the material from a large number of workshops and interviews with business and IT leaders.

The Big Data Zoo: Taming the Beasts – A white paper by Dr. Barry Devlin, 9sight Consulting

Much of the focus on big data has missed one key point: big or small, it’s still data. It must be managed and integrated across the entire enterprise to extract its full value, to ensure its consistent use. Taming big data is the key to gaining that value.

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