Multi-domain MDM in Healthcare: Location & Organization

RHIA,Global Healthcare Industry Ambassador, IBM Information Management

Healthcare involves several domains of data, including patient/person, provider, insurance and reference data. Outside of healthcare, the patient/person domain would be called customer, and in a real sense, the healthcare patient is a customer of the payer or the healthcare provider. Increasingly, healthcare is recognizing this, hence the multi-domain discussion. As a result, more attention is paid to what types of data need to be mastered in healthcare.

Let’s explore two additional domains, location and organization.

Location – Knowing the location of a service provider (hospital, physician, nurse practitioner, pharmacist, dietitian) may be as important as knowing who the provider is.  Location could determine where test results are routed, where providers practice, or where providers have credentials or are employed.  Biosurveillance could be a priority for location when you are trying to track where providers may have interacted with patients, where infectious disease outbreaks may occur, and therefore where additional screening or safeguards should be used.

Organization – This domain may reach beyond provider and address payers, charity organizations, referrals networks, medical societies, or licensing boards.  I could envision that this domain might be used to master data about an Accountable Care Organization.  Payers would particularly use this domain to master who the contracted providers are, what payment models apply to this organization, and where payments should be sent,

In my last post I discussed the importance of highly scalable, accurate matching technology when you are addressing multiple domains. Equally important is the need to have tools to address data quality, as many of these new domains may not have had data users or data owners who invested in data quality in the past.

Undoubtedly when the data models and requirements were originally created, they did not envision such broad collection of data. Nor did they imagine the need, years or decades down the road (where we are today!), to master data for multiple strategic and business initiatives. Strong MDM technology is essential to these needs, including data quality tools and workflow tools, since the data is now being used and managed by multiple parties.

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This post was originally published on September 10, 2012 on the Mastering Data Management Blog.

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