Netezza and Data Analytics as a Gateway to the Intelligent Economy

Former CEO

The "Intelligent Economy" is much more than a trendy buzz phrase or the name of a business school seminar.

It's the new reality for enterprises today.

The Intelligent Economy is about fundamentally changing the way we view our businesses and our customers, about inviting change when we decide change is needed – but also about recognizing what we do that makes sense and valuing it accordingly.

A June, 2010 IDC Vendor Spotlight noted that the “demand to respond faster and with greater insight to ongoing internal and external events based on facts is increasing,” and that “data management and analytics challenges of the intelligent economy are likely to overwhelm organizations unprepared for the emerging changes.” (You can download the PDF of the IDC report here.)

Gut checks and intuition are still valuable when it comes to making management decisions – but actionable, on-demand information from analytics is shaping up to be a key differentiator when it comes to competing these days.


The Intelligent Economy is made up of "Intelligent Enterprises" – companies and organizations that not only recognize the new reality – but are thriving because of it.

For these enterprises, data isn't viewed as a problem that must be managed and contained. For them, data is a gift that exposes hidden truths about their futures.

We know at Netezza – based on the real-life experiences of our customers – that data is a valuable, sustainable resource that can change the way you view your customers and run your business in fundamental ways - forever.

The ideas that stem from the analytics solutions we enable for our customers are much more than abstract formulas on a virtual chalkboard. They result in real, positive, lasting change. Our technology at Netezza becomes a source of inspiration, a catalyst to a new way of thinking about the way people interact with the world and with each other.


The energy and enthusiasm we experienced at 2010 Enzee Universe this June on Boston's waterfront proved to me that we have reached a tipping point when it comes to accepting data analytics on a much deeper, broader level.

As I said in my keynote address, Netezza embraces a set of core principles that are simply hard for others to reproduce:

  • Your success as our customer is our top objective
  • We embrace the fact that we are part of an ecosystem of partners and technologies that provide you with a complete solution
  • Simplicity is the key to making analytics more accessible and a fundamental driver behind everything we do
  • We want to be a company that is easy to do business with and one that is viewed as a partner, not just a vendor
  • We value our customers’ input and integrate it into our thinking every day

Many of our customers are solving problems they could previously only DREAM of with a level of agility and simplicity that has allowed them to apply their energy to the business opportunity, freeing them from the complexities of the platform to focus on what really matters, the business solution.

This, in a nutshell, is what is enabling the Intelligent Economy to emerge: the enormous amounts of human time and energy previously required to simply process information can now go toward inspiration, learning, and improving.

Over the next few blog posts, I will be writing about the real-life experiences of some of the Intelligent Enterprises that make up this emerging Intelligent Economy – organizations that are using high-performance data analytics to make critical time-sensitive decisions, predict future events, and change they way they do business for the better, forever. Stay tuned.