Netezza Inside IBM

VP Product Management & Marketing

Greetings! Realizing it’s been a while since I last posted here I thought it was important to confirm that yes, Netezza is alive and doing quite well as a part of IBM, post-acquisition as we launch into our second full fiscal quarter as a part of the team. Without sharing company-confidential specifics, we have seen tremendous growth in our team’s size – in the sales channel, marketing and our R&D lineup and the expansion of markets via the reach of IBM’s global sales engine has obviously been excellent. We continue to aggressively pursue (and accelerate) the Netezza product roadmap to continue Netezza’s lead in innovation and industry-leading price/performance for data warehouse and analytic appliances.

We’ve been quite busy enabling the army of IBM sellers with information they need to know about Netezza and it’s value to our customers and our partners, as well as working with our peer organizations in IBM to identify the key internal linkages and integration points across the portfolio. This has led to a number of innovative go-to-market offerings and much wider channel, including in regions of the world where Netezza had never played before.

But there’s something more important at play. Our integration into IBM is happening against a backdrop of what our clients are telling us they are struggling with and/or planning for: a world of ever increasing data sizes, types, arrival rates, premium on timeliness, and the complexity of the analytics involved.

The expansion and rates of change along any one of these dimensions is large enough to cause CIOs and line-of-business managers fits, but the really daunting fact is that these are all changing and accelerating, simultaneously – along with the appearance of new products and technologies aimed at trying to solve some or all of it. Previously closely-held “facts” about how best to deploy an analytic infrastructure are being challenged and broken by some of these changing requirements.

Happily, Netezza is clearly viewed as a strategic asset inside IBM in trying to provide a winning set of solutions to these issues. Since the acquisition was completed, we have been actively engaged with IBM visionaries, architects, product managers and marketers spanning the Software Group portfolio; jointly building the framework around IBM’s comprehensive vision for the evolution of analytics and data warehousing.

Recently, we’ve been “testing” this vision and framework with leading thinkers & strategists among the IBM and Netezza clients and with industry analysts – and so far, the "early reviews" have been very positive and well-received.

There will be (much) more to follow as IBM (including Netezza) unveils the various market offerings and the strategy we’re been working on. Watch this space for more to come, shortly.

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