Netezza - Now with Added CLARiiON!

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Today's News: Netezza and EMC Partner to Simplify Data Warehousing for the Enterprise

This is hot! No, I mean it's really hot. I'm here in Las Vegas this week, attending the EMC World show in support of today's partnership announcement with EMC and yesterday the temperature crossed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius). Oh yes, and our announcement here this morning is hot as well - stirring up interest around the EMC World show floor. We had several great discussions with EMC field staff, their partners and some customers yesterday. In the imperfect domain of trade show tsotchkes as metric, in just four short hours yesterday we ran through nearly 400 tee-shirt give-aways. Of course, as an aside, I would subjectively say our shirt was clearly a "best-in-show" candidate here - witness these front & back photos:


Complementary Technology and Co-marketing for Success

"So what is this announcement all about?" you ask. From the viewpoint of our customers and prospects, it's primarily about Netezza partnering with the industry-leader in information infrastructure to bring the performance horsepower of the NPS® data warehouse appliance into the enterprise data center in an even simpler, more efficient way than we already have been. It's consistent with their continuing evolution of data warehouse appliance deployments - as business-critical systems that are used enterprise-wide. And it provides them with both operational flexibility and performance in supporting the requisite data management functions.

From Netezza's business perspective this makes the NPS appliance even more well-suited to a broader sweep of customers. We'll provide provide familiar, enterprise-class data backup, replication and disaster recovery capabilities that extend Netezza's simple appliance approach by embedding EMC's CLARiiON® storage arrays and Navisphere® & MirrorView™ software. But just as important, we'll work with EMC on co-marketing initiatives in bringing these configurations to market. As a result we anticipate being able to extend our market penetration, both with new customers and broadening our footprint in current accounts.

How does this partnership change an NPS system?

The partnering initiative with EMC involves two basic configurations of the CLARiiON AX4 storage arrays. Both configurations will be deployed within the NPS data warehouse systems themselves and will require no additional data center footprint, with very minimal impact on the system's very low power and cooling requirements.

First off, let me say straight-away that this partnership in no way changes the basic NPS system architecture that Netezza has made use of through three generations of the its data warehouse appliance. The NPS system still will achieve its scalable, high performance through the unique AMPP™ architecture, including the Snippet Processing Units (SPUs) whose design is unaffected as a result of this partnership.

Instead, the EMC storage arrays will be used to provide near-line storage for the NPS systems in order to stage data for all of the primary bulk data movement operations: loading, unloading, backup, data replication and disaster recovery. In short, the most basic functional block diagram of the NPS appliance will evolve from this: NPS-DBMS, Server and Storage to this: NPS with EMC CLARiiON

NPS-icons.png    NPS_EMC-icons.png

The two types of embedded CLARiiON configurations are as follow:

Storage Pad™

Deployed as part of the standard equipage in our two-rack (NPS 10200) and larger systems, the Storage Pad configuration will support up to 5 TB of near-line data capacity for staging ETL data loads, data unloads and incremental backup images. Applying an approach that I've come to call Tivo for data warehousing, the Storage Pad allows customers to time-shift data management functions to suit their operational requirements. For example, customers might make use of the Storage Pad to move backup data from the data warehouse rapidly and then move the backup data from the Storage Pad to a tape or disk archive at the rate that the data center network, media and operations scheduling will allow.

By comparison, other vendors may charge as much as $100,000 for just 1.5 TB of capacity for similar functionality.

Storage Pad XL™

As the name suggests, this optional configuration is scalable to high capacities that scale in-line with the NPS systems in which they will be deployed. The Storage Pad XL configurations will be available on all NPS 10000 series models and will support up to 10 TB of near-line data capacity per NPS rack - up to 80 TB for the 8-rack NPS 10800 system. Just like above, the Storage Pad XL can be used to for data staging, but now full images of the NPS tables or databases can be captured for high-speed backup.

In addition, this configuration will also be support the deployment of EMC's MirrorView software package for enterprise-class data replication and DR.

"Netezza - Now with added CLARiiON!" is the fun spin we put on the marketing look of our booth at EMC World this week but we think this partnership will provide our enterprise customers with an excellent, simple toolset for bringing the appliance paradigm to data management functions; and through our co-marketing initiatives with EMC, it will bring the NPS data warehouse appliance into more of our customers' data centers.