Netezza Performance at IBM Scale: The Power of Simplicity

Former CEO

"Easy to use" is a critical differentiator when it comes to technology. Think about your television remote, your camera and your home computer. If it’s unnecessarily complicated, chances are you aren’t going to be happy. You are less likely to use the device or appliance – and it will soon be collecting dust in the corner.

New technologies are always more useful when they are easy to set up, understand and actually use. Why should people who buy data warehouse analytics systems for enterprises settle for anything less?

Netezza and IBM coming together makes sense for this very reason. High-performance analytics that are easier to set up and use achieves the kind of “elegant simplicity” that respects you and your team’s time and intelligence.

Arvind Krishna, GM of IBM’s Information Management Software Division, joined me recently to talk about these ideas in the following short video:

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